WANTED full size BCE Westbury steel cushioned table .

I have had an inquiry for a BCE Westbury full size steel cushioned table at a reasonable price .
if anyone has one for sale , then please contact me so I can pass on the information to my Client .

Genuine BCE westbury only please .

Condition of woodwork is important , but things like rubber cloth nets and leathers could be replaced , the polish however and condition of woodwork should be good .
also slates have to be in good order and not dished or broken and all bolts inserts in slate present and good to go .
also frieze bolts and slot plates present and correct and all pocket plate bolts .

These BCE westbury tables where very popular in the 1980’s and 90’s ,
they where made in their thousands so someone should have one for sale ,
But condition and location  is everything .
There are some copies around but my client is after a genuine one .

Wanted for client in France low priced full size snooker table .

I have a client in the south of France who wishes to purchase for low cost here in the UK a full size snooker table .
the makes I have recommended to him are Karnehm and Hillman and Riley Aristocrat , other makes will be considered but my client does not want a restoration project .

a Karnehm and Hillamn tulip legged designed table , this is the No 1 choice of table for our client .

Riley Aristocrat leg

Riley Aristocrat standard cushion is the 2nd choice .
You may query the low cost , but as most people know selling a full size snooker table is not easy and most only sell in the low hundreds to as low as maybe FREE if a house move is connected in the disposal of a full size snooker table to complete the sale of the house .
one thing that is for certain the costs of getting a  table dismantled loaded and delivered and erected in the south of France is not low cost and this is the main reason we have to find our client one at the right price with good condition polish and cloth and rubber .
So if you have a table that fits the requirements of my buyer in France and the costing works out right for the purchase of the table , then my client is interested in paying for the table to be removed .
If you have one you wish to dispose of or sell then contact Geoff at GCL billiards .

Wanted 10ft snooker table .

Date of inquiry of wanted ad 17th April 2017…………………….  WANTED TEN FOOT snooker table

We have a Client who is moving to a new home in Pulborough in West Sussex , and he has a nice large Loft area for a 10ft tbale .
If you have a Snooker  / Billiards tables for sale please send photo’s by email and we will forward these onto our client  to c.large@btinternet.com
any table considered from Modern to old , but must be a 10ft slate bed sectional slate table . 6 or 8 legged .

WANTED 8ft period snooker / billiard table for client

We have a client based in the cotswolds that is looking for a period style antique to semi modern 8ft snooker table.
The table must be of excellent build quality and my client favors turned legs but if the right square legged period table came up he may reconsider
my client after taking advice would like a three section slate bed , six legged, with bolts to cushions into slate
No wood screwed on cushions or one piece slate bed will be considered .
The table will also have to have good flat and true slate bed , things like rubber and cloth and nets and leathers can be replaced if required .
also polish condition depending on price if high then in A1 order all around , if low than my client can fund a total restoration .
8ft antique table fluted legs
fluted leg
8ft hennig bros
above Hennig Bros tulip leg
8ft table skegness chapel johnemery
a modern 8ft table
oak 9ft viceroy cloth draped
The Riley viceroy with deep archways .
Ashbourne 9ft glued and waiting to dry rubber and cushions
not an 8ft but an older design 9ft , my client definitely requires an 8ft
paul west snooker table 9ft 2
another larger table but the design may work
oxon 9ft george wright finished
8ft in Log Cabin George wright . reeded leg .
Oxon George wright 9ft
Same 8ft George wright table showing three section slate bed
oak 9ft viceroy finished balls on
a Riley Viceroy in Honey oak .
orme 9ft set up near yarmouth from retford
another three section slate bed table

Wanted Genuine Riley Aristocrat Steel cushioned Pro table

I get enquiries now and again for these Riley Aristocrat Steel cushioned tables
If you have one of these tables for sale then place it on GCL billiards web site , we do not charge anything to, list and if we find you a buyer we charge just £25 admin fee
Hopefully GCL billiards get the work from the buyer to dismantle and transport and then reassemble , this is what we are really about , we do not buy or sell tables
We prefer to advertise for clients wishing to sell knowing that our web site gets plenty of hits from people looking to buy
it is the perfect approach to buying and selling tables  , we are a snooker / billiards firm and this is where people look for tables , and because we put buyer and seller together
There is no middle men fees or commissions to pay , just the £25 admin fee which we would have earned passing on telephone and email number contacts  for time spent on PC putting the photo’s and advert up on the site .
riley aristocrat silver trimmed
Riley Aristocrat stark 1

Wanted Attractive Burroughs and watts steel cushioned full size snooker table in pristine condition for a client in Israel

We are looking for a full size snooker table with attractive figured woodwork
flame mahogany prefered and large turned legs
Cheshire full size b7w fig mahog
My client requires something like this photo above .
but maybe with steel cushion on it . but he will consider heavy wood cushions .
I will have to inspect the table for him before purchase if possible .
My client has informed me he requires a certain size of pocket opening , so it may be the case that I re-rubber and cover the cushions  during strip down .

this Burroughs and watts has steel cushions
mark parry steel block cushions on floor
this is what steel cushions look like once taken off the table
barnsley cloth on and cushions being fitted stevens and sons
steel cushion set on the table ready for capping frieze woodwork to be fasten to them
steel rerubber undercutt rasped smooth
It is important that the rubber is northern rubber not very old and has been cut correct for pocket openings
if not then the table will require a re-rubber
My client is very demanding because it has  along way to go to Tel Aviv , and with no fitters out their it is impossible to put right what is wrong
so best to get the table right this end rather than try and do it over their
Geoff of GCL billiards will be flying over to Tel Aviv to fit this table which will be sent by container shipping or air freight small container .

WANTED 8 foot snooker table , decent make and decent condition .

We have a client who is looking for a nice 6 legged 8ft three section slate
with bolted cushions into slate .
they are not interested in cheap wood screwed cushions or 4 legged tables , they require a quality nice to play on table that can be maintained easy
anything considered
something like this Karehm and Hillman square leg
9ft enbile torquay pocket opening
or this very sturdy enbild
Scotland Taymouth house billiard table

something like this above ?
8ft nailed finished close up
What they do not want is a 4 legged table like this with one piece slate and wood screw cushions

Wanted a 10 ft by 5 ft snooker table in light woodwork at reasonable price .

We have a Scottish client just over the border who requires a nice 10 foot by 5 foot snooker table in light wood .
the table must be of good quality and not of  Chinese manufactured .
light oak Riley or orme or even a light mahogany Karnehm and Hillman if priced reasonable .
Please take into account the dismantle and collection plus delivery of any table that is available.
Our client wants value for money as well as quality of manufacture.
He does not want to be paying dealer prices from a private sale.
Below are examples of what type of table would interest our client but in 10ft size.
Price will depend on condition and make of table . and what comes with it .
9ft enbile torquay pocket opening
this is an enbild but only an 8ft , but they also made them in 10ft and where a good quality .
oak 9ft viceroy end shot balls on
A Riley Viceroy this one is a 9ft but again also available in 10ft form . medium oak finish.
oak skeg finished table 1
a riley imperial 10fts are available in 8leg or 6 leg format. this one is a 12ft and in light to honey oak finish.
steves 3rd recover table finished
a riley  Aristocrat again in light oak , turned fluted legs , this is a 12ft version . our client is after a 10ft table.