Riley Aristocrat full size snooker table …..NOW SOLD and installed at Loughborough






We have a client who wishes to sell their full size Riley aristocrat snooker table with standard cushions on GCL Billiards web site by Sealed Bids .

*** please note this table does not have the tournament steel cushions on ***
The one stumbling block is that this table is located upstairs and requires up to 4 men to get those Heavy slates down stairs safely without damage to table or stair or property
Therefore it is recommended that you use a Snooker / billiards company like GCL billiards to get this table down safely and loaded onto the Van .
there are two stair cases that lead out of this room both are tricky to maneuver slates around both having a tight turn to negotiate .
Riley Aristocrat sheffield upstairs dark mahog standard
the Standard cushioned Riley Aristocrat is in good order woodwork wise an inspection on take down will let me know if the cloth or rubber requires replacing .
or for a Fee I can go upto Barnsley / Sheffield and inspect the table for any buyer and give a full report .
if you require a quote for dismantle and delivery and set up then please ask Geoff at GCL billiards for this by email ……
Riley Aristocrat sheffield from other end upstairs
a photo taken from the other end showing stairs to the far end .
the slates weigh in at 200kg each so there has to be enough manpower  to lift and guide these slates down those stairs safely, and GCL billiards have the equipment to do this .
this is not a DIY task , you have to have experienced Labour and men that are used to such removals , and a Billiards fitter on site to take apart .
the table has full extensive range of accessories but it may require a re-cover if the new owner wants one we can also quote for this too .
At this moment in time we are asking for offers and will get around three in before we present these to our client to see who he is willing to sell to .
so we are going for a timed Auction for this Table , this is a first for us to do this , by one week May 3rd we shall know who the most interested three people are in buying the table and we can then start talking to complete a sale .
All Bids to with name address and telephone contact , if you are using GCL Billiards to move the table we shall require a post code to work out milage charge .
we will put the top three bidders contact details to the seller who will look for the best sale that suits their needs .

Rare to find modern 10ft x 5ft BCE type snooker table for sale . Sutton coldfield @ only £500

We have a client who wishes to sell their 10ft by 5ft BCE type snooker table
the table I think is a BCE copy having identical legs but the cushions and pocket plates are designed differently to a BCE original .
10ft BCE sutton coldfield 1
The table is on Ground floor with easy acess to get to a parked up van
10ft BCE sutton cold 2
my client says it will require a re-cloth but any buyer can make that choice depending on what they require it for .
they may want to get any life still left in the cloth , and just have it refitted .
10ft BCe sutton cold cush scratch
10ft tables are harder to find for buyers so when one comes up that is a modern 1980s onwards  type they tend to sell pretty quick .
there are a few belt buckle and zip scratches on the cushions , a common occurrence on any table if belt buckle or zip is sharp and protruding
the rest of the woodwork I am told is very good .just wants a bit of stain / scratch cover putting over those scratches , it is not that bad
10ft BCE sutton cold leg 5
typical BCE leg design of the 1980s , but I would think this table is from the 1990s.
I would say this table was manufactured in Manchester or Leeds as I know the type of table was made by these two firms in the 1990s.
my client is asking £500 for a hard to find modern 10ft table which has 5 section thick slate bed .
Removal and delivery and setup can be quoted to any buyer by GCL Billiards , please ask for a quote giving post code
rex 8 van outside property

For sale Brand new chinese 8 ball 9ft pool tables with steel cushions…the next Big thing in Cue sports tables to hit the UK

We have teamed up with another UK Billiards importing and retail firm to offer Brand new Chinese 8 ball tables at £2,999
the tables will be supplied by our importer retailer and you get the expertise of Geoff at GCL Billiards who has over 40 years Professional fitting experience of all types of cue ball tables .
8 ball , Chinese 8 ball table
These 9ft 8 ball tables will have Professional Standard Steel cushions
We can offer as an Extra a cloth choice of colour and also cloth upgrade choice .
also table slate heaters and High Frequency Lighting also at Extra cost upgrade can be supplied .
I am awaiting more photo’s of pocket openings and sizes at the fall .
If you are interested in one of these tables fitted by GCL billiards , please contact Geoff at GCL Billiards .
these are official chinese 8 ball 9 foot tables with 2.1/4 inch balls on very tight pocket openings and have the Steel cushions most desired by top end players .
we predict a big market for the sales of these tables as Pool is now more popular than snooker here in the UK , and upgrading from a UK 7ft pool table to this is the Ultimate in quality and professional standard pool .
With 40 years in the Billiards snooker and pool trade as an Apprentice trained to Qualified  Billiards fitter ,I have seen snooker peak in the 1980s /90s and come down and now level out as a sport here in the UK
also I have seen Pool from the very early 1970s Reni pierre and Rutigliani tables with ring pockets , transform from Hazel Grove super leagues to Supreme Winner competition tables to now the next big leap forward in the cue sports trade here in the UK is the chinese 8 ball 9ft pool table .
it will not be long before you see TV covering this game here in the UK . with many snooker and pool players turning towards this size of table .
they offer excellent value when you compare the full size Star table to one of these 8 ball tables , around £7000 to £10.000 price difference .
I think they are very competitively priced for all types of people from the grand cue sports room to the shed / log cabin or Garage games room , they are definitely priced to sell .
8 ball pocket opening 4 and quarter inch ball

Price of table in photo with Steel cushions is £2999.00p and this includes set up in clients ground floor room .
long distance may require overnight Stay in B&B .
Sales outside the UK or long distance or upstairs or basement installation please ask for a Quote .

at Email

8 ball chinese steel cushion cross section photo 1
As you can see from this photo , the cushions have polished wood , then the thick steel plate ,
and then the block that the rubber is glued to which is ready to have the middle angle cut .
click on any photo to enlarge for a more close up photo.
they are a little different to normal steel cushions as used on full size star or the older burroughs and watts tables , but I think this design is better as it keeps the two parts of polished wood and steel together , this prevents the outer polished wood to bow or distort like on many older designed steel cushions , resulting in a ridge at some point between cushion cloth and polished wood surround , a common problem on many steel block Billiard and snooker tables .
these steel cushions are screwed permanently to the outer polished wood of the cushion preventing any distortion in wood surround and a good line up of join between cloth slip and wood .
the cloth slip rebate is in the capping of the polished wood and not in the block resulting from a better thicker block for the rubber to adhere to .
angles like a standard cushion at the middle and corners make for more ease of covering without any major flaws in pocket opening design .
These tables have gone through a stringent design process , resulting in the very high standard of table at an affordable price .
the above comments are Geoff Large’s own thoughts as a billiards fitter of 40 years experience , they are not copied or scripted from leaflets or book.

Large 8ft by 4 ft Sir Willaim Bentley billiards Dining snooker table for sale , Dual purpose , Attractive piece of Dining furniture that turns into a snooker table

We have a Client ( Julie) who requires a buyer for her very nice Sir William Bentley Billiard Dining table.
We have been instructed that a price of £1500 will take the table , which is a fraction of the price paid to Sir William Bentley billiards when new .
please study the following photo’s that Julie has provided to see just how nice this Dining table is
Being 8ft by 4ft it is around the largest you can buy and I have seen these tables in the original riley format sell for £5000 when fully renovated including delivery and I know that is around the price Sir William Bentley billiards sell them for too .
My buyer is realistic and knows during these times that that a high price is unrealistic so at just £1500 this should be an easy sale . it is priced to sell !
Please bare in mind that to remove a one piece dining table like this can take up to 4 men as that slate is very heavy .
A full size snooker table is actually more manageable to move than a one piece 8ft slate bed.
Also ask Julie if any stairs are involved as this can be a very big problem with one piece slate beds that do not bend to go around corners !
3 to 4 men are often required even on flat ground for these heavy one piece slate beds .
due to the highly polished nature of this table everything will have to be bubble wrapped to ensure the table does not get marked during transit , a cost of bubble wrapping to be met by the buyer .
We feel that the asking price is a good one based on the average cost to move a table like this and the extra cost of more men .
even with these costs added the total will be way below what the new cost of this table was.


Sir willaim diner julie Sir willam diner 3 sir willam diner julie 2 sir william diner 4 sir william diner 5
PLEASE NOTE the sale does not include dismantle transport or delivery , please ask Geoff at GCL Billiards for a price , please inform of any obstacles  like stairs soft ground grass gravel or steps that this table has to go over at assembly end , also post code .
We will be happy to quote for any removal work for this table .
*** the seller may have a bit of a bonus to offer any buyer saving you even further money , what this bonus is ? ….ask the seller to find out
Contact Geoff at GCL billiards for sellers contact details .

For sale Supreme 7×4 Winner pool table NOW SOLD within 24 hours of advertising .

NOW SOLD within 24 hours of advertising , Supreme winners looked after like these are always in demand


original advert

We have a client Stapleford cue club who we do a lot of work for
they are upgrading their current stock of 4 pool tables from Black to oak finish latest edition tables
Stabbo march 2016 strip down 2
the table for sale is the black one near the bar .
Therefore releasing good quality stock of second hand 7×4 pool Supreme winner pool tables one at a time as they exchange over
this week they have just put a new table in and dismantled one of the black tables which was a match table only 2 years ago and it is now for sale at just £395
this table is a free play type table and has no coin operation at all
it is ideal for a club or any up and coming pool player for his man cave or Garage or shed or log cabin at the bottom of the Garden
winners at stabbo cue club x 4
Stapleford cue club are having a change around , not because of bad tables but to upgrade to a different colour cabinet in light oak
Stabbo march 2016 close up match table 1 plus 2
They would like to exchange all the black ash tables for oak tables in the near future ,
they have done two so far so another table will also be available in the near future if you miss out on this one
Stapleford pool clean out june 2015
All these tables have been been maintained by GCL Billiards over the years .
So you can be assured of good maintained tables and not some table that has been banged and shifted about in it’s lifetime. they still have plenty of years left in them and have also had cushion upgrades at sometime too , so no dead cushions ! like some will sell you .
This table was a Match table and used by the local pool teams in the leagues as well as a few Finals .
all the black tables have had upgraded ball runs , the old type used to spit balls out onto the tbale so you will have the latest ball runs with the table for sale
these fully grooved and allen key bolted type are the very latest used by supreme
Towers ball rails all cleaned
If you are interested in buying this Black ash table,  then contact Jed Eaton at Stapleford Cue club Stapleford Nottingham . 01159 394504 ask for Jed
let me know if it has sold as I can then take this advert down as sold .

the tbale is  NOW SOLD !

For sale full size mahogany tulip legged full size snooker table near Derby

We have a local Derby client who wishes to sell their full size snooker table for around £500
and due to a carpet change .
I dismantled this table and put it into storage for our client around 18 months ago due to my recommending an oak table to match in with his home refurbishment ,
the mahogany table did somehow not suit the oak doors and fitments of the room
I put the idea of finding a nice oak square leg to him and found one within two weeks just by chance of another client offering one for sale , a very rare Riley Viceroy .
here are a couple of photo’s of his older table which is a very nice tulip legged Victorian table .,which is the table for sale not the newer oak one .
Terry Derby table tulip mahogany 1
As you can see the lighter coloured fitments of the pastel green panelling and oak doors do not make this table look as though it belonged in the room
the room was very modern and the table is Victorian , the table does come with a scoreboard .
Terry derby tulip leg table mahogany 2
the table has a very nice flame mahogany veneer tot he side frame and is circa 1895 onwards with modern flush fitted pocket plates on a Burroughs and watts type frame
there was nothing wrong with the tbale it played ok , but once I had put the idea of an oak table into my clients mind he had to swop it over once he realised what I was recommending was better for him and his room decor.
and this is what he replaced it with , as you can see it blends into the room perfectly .
viceroy finished table light oak
I have just re-covered the Riley Viceroy oak table and he happened to mention he still had the older Mahogany table in store and would I mind advertising it for him
My client does know the current market prices for full size snooker tables is not high so is only asking around £500 for his tulip legged mahogany victorian table
buyer to collect from near Derby from ground floor storage easy access drive right up to building  , or get a quote from GCL billiards for collection delivery and installation  …. interested then please contact


for further details

We will put you in direct contact with the selling client .

Superb Riley Imperial Full size oak snooker table at a reasonable price for great condition .

£800 for solid oak table !

We have a client who wishes to sell their full size Riley Imperial Snooker Table in solid oak for just £800 collected .
these tables are sought after for Barn conversions or for a home with plenty of oak in them or a modern or period home where Oak would blend in
there are not too many oak tables for sale most are mahogany or very dark wood by a 90% ratio to 10% oak .
this table was fully renovated around 15 to 20 years ago and is still in exceptional condition ,
I would say this table is stained and polished dark oak , but not too dark that the grain is not covered over , you can clearly see the quarter sawn oak pattern in the leg which shows good quality oak has been used .
please view photo
Riely imperial better photo
s you can see the wood work is in very good order as seems the cloth from this photo .
the table will come with all accessories that is in the photo including scoreboard , the light does not look good enough, it is  too small !
so any buyer would have to source lighting for this table .
The table is near Swindon and is on a ground floor location , if any buyer would like a quote from GCL billiards to collect this table transport and refit in their Home or premises then ask Geoff for a quote .

Superb John Bennett Billiard table for sale circa pre 1895 for £3500

We have a client who wishes to sell their full size renovated Snooker /Billiard table circa pre 1895 .
a John Bennett table in superb order. at £3500 .
john bennet tulip leg billiard photo taken back
professional photos reproduced with permission from photographer of the John  Bennett table
this table also comes with a full dining top which is not in the photo.
John bennet large tulip billiards table march 2016
The table comes with all accessories that is in the photo’s , the cue rack and rests
and also balls triangle and a scoreboard
You may notice it is fitted with the original Billiard type pocket bag nets and there is no hooks on the frame work which helps keep the woodwork from x rest nibble when placing back on the hooks .
By this you can be assured this table is well looked after .
The table has the Tulip leg design and has ornate scrolls between the legs
john bennet cloth level green spot photo
the cloth looks in superb order too
john bennet thin upright photo
The price for this table is £3500
if anyone is interested then please contact Geoff at GCL Billiards and he will forward you onto the seller .