Very rare Gillows NOW Sold to a firm within the Billiards TRADE


The table has now been sold to a Trade Buyer

And I am looking forward to seeing the renovated table .




Original advert

gillows after recover

A very Rare gillows table , gillows was a cabinet maker in the very early 1800s .
the firm later algimated to become the well known furniture manufacturers Waring and Gillow .
This table is now up for sale , it is the most sought after antique billiard table that was made , gillows only made around 15 tables a year . it was not their main line of furniture making , John thurston was an aprentice for Gillows london branch in the very early 1800s.
gillows 2nd side shot

please read this information about the table and gillows as a history that was posted by myself and Peter hainsworth in 2007 about this very table.

gillows craved name

It is very unusual to have gillows carved into the end frame work of the table , if their are gillows records about the referance number 1105 should reveal who was the first owner of the table , but i will point out that I did find a label on one of the cushions when I re-covered this table in 2007 . and here it is , on the lable it reads a womans name a Miss Gladstone and a village called Witham in which maybe in essex and is not too far away from where this table is now located  , I think this is the original owner of the table or a sibling that the table was passed down to. the number 26-483 maybe a job referance number for work on the table or a removals tag , which would have been a horse and cart removal in those days .
but it could also be a lable from when Thurston did work to the cushions Rubber blocks in 1890s
gillows original owner

the table would have had a three section wood bed and stuffed felt cushions when it was first manufactured it has now got a three section slate bed which is circa 1830s so the table itself would be at least that old as not long after three section slate 4 section was the norm by 1850s  then 5 section by the 1870s , Thurston billiards has done some work on the cushions around 1898 by the ivory name plate on the other end from the carved Gillows end . maybe Thurston will have some record of doing this ?
gillows three section slate
Thurston badge which I have been told is circa 1890s /1900 , this badge was put on by Thurston when they changed the cushions to modern blocks for the new type of rubber being used in the cushions at that time period , the table is much older than this badge . maybe as much as 90 years older . but no less than 70 years older.

gillows thurston badge

if you require any more information on this table please enter the link to the snooker forum as listed above at the top of this page , there is more information and more photo’s of this very rare Billiard table , if anyone would be interested in the Gillows table , then please feel free to contact me at the email below only , and I will refer youre enquiry to the owners of the table , but I will warn you , fully renovated pieces of gillows furniture fetch a considerable amount of money , this table fully renovated would be worth in the region of between £30.000 to £55.000 , in all honesty I expect this table to end up at Bonhams auction house , that was my recommendation to the Owners. it will prob end up in America , that was where the last one I knew about went to in the 1970s and that sold for £25000 back then .
All proceeds I have been informed are to go to charity .

please do not send enquiries for the table through the comments section of this advertisement , please send them to

For sale: 7 X 4 ft Jaques pool table in light oak (or beech) in Lincoln NOW SOLD

Just look at this great condition 7×4 pool table by Jaques.  The table is NOW SOLD NOW SOLD NOW SOLD

If you require transport for the table to be moved then GCL BILLIARDS can quote you for this.  If you require another recover, say in a different colour, we can also do this for you.  Again please ask for a quote.

The client says it is light oak, but it may be beech looking at the photos.

Below is a link to Jaques web site showing the price our client paid for the table which was £1,699.99.

Jaques Website

Jaques DPT omega pool table1

If interested then please contact Geoff by email and we will pass on the information.
jaques dpt omega red 2


NOW SOLD ! Here we Have a very nice almost mint condition Riley diner For Sale OPEN TO OFFERS ! in the region of £1000  now advertised on Ebay with a start price of just £500 !

Look at ebay listing below , the owners are moving house very soon this table has to go before that so Asking price REDUCED !

M.Barnes riley diner, one of the last to be made in the Riley Burnley billiards works , before the final closure of Riley .

This one is UK manufactured not the lower priced Chinese imported Riley diner so please do not confuse the quality of this table with a Chinese made riley



Full size Karnehm & Hillman turned leg Table for sale (very good condition 8/10) with all accessories. NOW SOLD !


FIRST ADVERTISED ON GCL BILLIARDS then via ebay link , and the winning bidder saw the table on our web site first , winning bidder based in Kingston London .


We have a client who is looking to sell their very nice condition Karnehm and Hillman turned leg table , this is not the buckingham tulip leg model just the plain turned leg model without scroll work on the frame.

The wood work is in very good condition , the table being privatley owned has had no abuse , take a look at the cushion cappings the polish is very good .

The bed cloth has been stretched a couple of times due to a house move where they took the table with them , but the cloth looks to have plenty of life left in it , and I am sure the old Baulk lines could be faded back a little with acetone .

the nice turned leg of the Karnhem and Hillman table has also got good polish condition

, the clients have looked after this table as a piece of furniture to be proud of , they have not let the table be abused , a house move is now forceing a very reluctant sale .
The table comes with all accessories , a very nice new scoreboard , table cover , long tackle , rests etc , cues , and an iron which on it’s own is an expensive item . a green canopy shade is also supplied .
Everything you need is here , just buy it and get it delivered and set up !
Buyer will be responsible for dismantle and taking away , the table is based between Mansfield and Newark .
GCL Billiards can quote for any removal delivery and set up of this table , we are time served fitters and recommended by for youre peace of mind that the job will be done to an exact standard .

PRICE = OFFERS , CONTACT GEOFF for full details or phone 07753466064. I will then put genuine buyers in direct touch with the seller.

IT’s LIKE BUYING A BRAND NEW TABLE ! but without the high cost’s !

*** GCL BILLIARDS has not inspected the table , we have only seen the photo’s , it is recommended that the table be seen before purchase , we can arrange at a reasonable cost to go over and give a full inspection report of the table , but the photo’s tell the story , this table has been looked after .***

Full Size Snooker Table For Sale in Nottingham

We have another client who wishes to sell a full size snooker table.  This one has been dismantled and is stored in a dry garage in Chilwell, Nottingham, so it’s ready to load.  GCL BILLIARDS dismantled it so we know it is all there.

A modern table with turned leg, manufacturer unknown, but it has a Geoff Drinkwater badge on it from Peterborough.

The owner is open to offers.  The following photos shows it being dimantled in its original garage room where a promising young lad used to play before going abroad to the USA to live.

As always with the for sale section, GCL BILLIARDS can quote for pick up, delivery and set up.

OFFERS to Geoff at phone 07753 466064 and quote Istvan’s table.

Square leg (RILEY?) full size snooker table for sale in Hearne Bay Essex

Another client who is wishing to sell his good condition full size Snooker Table which is located in Hearne Bay Essex.  The table’s wood work looks in good condition, the cloth that will be upto the buyer if he decides it requires a recover or even a re-rubber, GCL BILLIARDS can quote for this.  The table was fitted by Steve Davis’ brother who is a billiard fitter.

Table is open to offers, buyer collects.  There is a Dowsing Iron and a pure bristle brush, but this will only be sold with the table if a suitable price is met, otherwise these items will be sold separately on Ebay if the table is sold first.  My advice is try and get them with the table.  A new iron on its own is over £200 and they do not make those pure bristle brushes like the one with the iron anymore.

Balls triangle and rests are included with the sale.  Lighting is a coffin shade, but we recommend the new pro lighting twin tube units over any coffin shade if you buy this table, which GCL Billiards stock for dispatch.

GCL BILLIARDS has not inspected the table, we have only seen the photos.  If a buyer is found GCL BILLIARDS can quote for removal, transport and installation in new premises ready for play.  Contact Geoff at or 07753466064 quoting sqaure leg hearne bay Essex table, for contact details of seller.  Only genuine buyers please.


We have a top of the range Supreme Prince Pool Table for Hire / Rental contract , £15 per week ,which includes two recovers a year , just been refurbished in Burgundy Red strachan cloth , but can change to another colour if you wish , new cushions and virtually unmarked brand new condition cabinet and legs, ready to start earning money for Pub or club Site , set on 50p but can be changed to £1 or any combination .

A set of club standard and Aramith premier match play balls with this table , we are cue sports hire specialists and we understand that most pubs and clubs have pool teams playing in winter and summer leagues , so we recover every 6 months , that way the table is at it’s best at the start of each league season .
Table will be maintained by a time served billiards fitter who takes his time in getting the table to play level just like in the photo below of the digital level reading a perfect 0.0  , unlike some firms who just dump a table in and forget about them until the landlord moans , we do not hire out slot gaming machines so all our attention and expertise is 100% on youre pool table ,
We prefer to rent our pool table’s local in the Nottingham and Derby area if possible .
If you are having problems with ypoure current table and you are not satisfied with the service they do , and are not tied to them , then please get in touch , we are sure you will not find a better Cue sports rental / hire firm than GCL BILLIARDS and our rental side of the business in DOUBLE 8 POOL TABLES.

Contact Geoff for further details on 07753466064 or email

Karnehm and Hillman Buckingham NOW SOLD !


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OUR ADVERTS DO WORK 156328 page views in the month of December 2012 alone on this GCL BILLIARDS website ! our web site hits have been climbing each month since we started the new web site in August 2012 .

For sale this very nice Karnehm & Hillman full size tulip leg ‘The Buckingham’ model.  Table is in constant use and is in very good condition, having had its cushions re-rubbered not long ago.

This is the Buckingham model table as used in the World Professional billiards championship in 1980 (not the exact table) and all buckinghams after this date had the end plate displayed as a sales pitch.  Many sellers see this end plate and think they have the main table from the final but it is one of many with this end plate on.

GCL BILLIARDS can be contacted for the dismantle and delivery of the table.  Geoff has many years experience and rates these Karnehm & Hillman tables highly.  Viewing highly recommended.