6ft set height Riley Billiard table with Hard top for sale . £350 Bargain !

Here we have a table for sale that resembles a Riley diner but does not have the raise and fall operation .
it comes with chairs and table top .
The top in my opinion is a three leaf extender top from a  normal 1930 /1950s dining table stained and polished to match or it was good match to start with .
and with use has blended in the same patina as the Chairs .
The 6ft Riley table is circa 1910 to 1920 , it has the brass domed coffin screws in the cushions that gives me an idea of date it was manufactured .
Sturdy 6ft table for snooker or pool .
we value the table the top and chairs at £350 which is a good come and buy me price , collection is North London .
you will require a small medium van transit sized or a large VOLVO type Estate car , the legs unbolt form the lower frame .
but with the Chairs the Van is the better option .

The table with the top off and chairs put to one side .
you can see the brass domed coffin screws in the cushions , and yes these type of screws where used in the coffin industry to screw the top of the coffin down .
Typical Riley turned leg for this early  period , with brass top pocket plates with leather strip inserts to the face , we normally advise  a set of top plate leathers on these when it would be due some re-cover work .
But for now it is very presentable .
you will find you may require cushions on the chairs if you use it for a dining table as this table has no high low adjustment for dining height .
We have to be very Honest when advertising tables so I like to make aware of the fact that this table is a normal height playing table and not a raise and fall Riley diner .
which would be priced around £1000 to £1500 in this state of Honest  used play without chairs   , so at just £350 with chairs  it would be a good alternative.
and for comparison here is a Riley Diner raise and fall system and table , so you fully understand the difference of the two tables .

the table for sale does not have this raise and fall system

This Barley twist Riley diner is worth around £2500 to £3000 without chairs in this fully renovated condition as it is a rare to find model  ,
as you can see at £350 our clients table offers good alternative value .

the table top on
The chairs have some Barley twist design going on with the legs and the two end chairs having barley twist back and finials ,
I would say they are a matching set of chairs with the end chairs being the more decorative for the hosts of a dinner evening . typical of a set sold at many household clearance sales .
The chairs are Not high value but a nice touch to include in the package .
the chairs I would say would be the same age as the table top , 1930 /1950s .
altogether an attractive come and get me package for just £350. buyer collects from North London , close to Queens Park Tube Station ,
I will pass on any inquiries to the seller , and give your details to him .
contact Geoff or Carol at GCL billiards by email please to


Rare 10ft Karnehm & Hillman snooker table for sale near Peterborough

Here we have a table that I have worked on in the past when I relocated it from GCL billiards seller in Leighton Buzzard  for a new owner in Whittlesey near Peterborough .
here is the original advert for this table back in 2014 http://gclbilliards.com/10ft-karnehm-and-hillman-snooker-table-for-sale-a-well-known-uk-made-table-manufacturer/
10ft Karnehm and hilman’s are very hard to find , and when they appear up for sale they are very quickly sold
especially at this come and buy me price of just £600 .  NO OFFERS PLEASE !

as you can see a very attractive table , which has recently been re-covered .
there are a  few belt buckle or zip scratches on the top cushion capping’s but in very good order .

Looks like new nets and leathers have also been fitted recently too .
this table is quality built a 5 section slate bed bolt into slate cushions .

there is just one upgrade that I would recommend , and that is the fitting of adjustable slate bearers on the under slate supports
Karnehm and hillman never had these fitted on any of their tables , but they help to keep the slate from dipping in the center .
and this does happen it gives you 100% control to adjust it back up .
as you can see this table has none of these fitted and it would be recommended to have this done on the next install .
GCL billiards do have these brackets ready in stock  to install if you use them to move the table .

these Karnehm and Hillman Buckingham models have turned carved tulip style legs .
and sport the buttons over the bolt holes in the cushions rather than the slide in panels , I think this gives it a more classy look .
and more expensive to have buttons made rather than a slide in plywood panel .
the ball rails  have 4 runner bars too , something that is new to me , as the norm is just 3 bars .

here you can see a few of those belt buckle marks on the top capping .
a touch up with a brown pencil or wax will help make them a background mark , there is only a few of them and you will get more
if you wear  a belt or have a ZIP protruding from say jeans .
this table has only had two careful owners , I advertised it for the previous owners and moved it for my buying client who has now decided he wants the room back .
he has spent a fair few £s on this table but realizes it is a buyers market so the £600 price tag is very fair and you should not offend him by making offers.
in my opinion 10ft K & Hillman tables do not fall off tree’s in large numbers and this one is in very good order .
I predict it will not be advertised long before it is sold .
Hopefully someone between Peterborough and Nottingham buys it .
but we can pick up and deliver anywhere in the UK if cost effective .
just give me ( Geoff Large )  a call , or email me for more details of costings of such a move . 07753466064 or c.large@btinternet.com

of course the table comes with all normal accessories ( apart from cue’s or any extensions )
the balls triangle and scoreboard and any rests plus Peradon dust cover are included in the price , there is no light fitting or cues in this sale .
The table was re-covered in Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz , only 15 months ago by another firm probably Drinkwaters , and has not had much use as can be seen from the photo’s .

any inquiries to Geoff at GCL billiards 07753466064 or email c.large@btinternet.com

If you require the table collecting and  a price to pick up and install  , I need to know post code , and if the room is on ground floor or up or down stairs , plus parking and access is good .
no restrictions on parking or difficult parking attendants around .
or very low bushes and trees obstructing drive way and MWB /  MEDIUM HIGH ROOF van .
if you have a drive way with bushes and overhanging low branches we suggest these are cut back before delivery , we do not wish to scratch our new vans paintwork and sign writing for a few Hundred pounds wages in delivering a table .
you will be surprised just what a problem this has been in the past . Especially down single track roads and long driveways to country houses .

Single sections of snooker slate slabs for sale £60 each buyer to collect from near junction 25 of M1…will help loading

Now and again I have to recycle a few full size snooker tables
Most of which go to a reclaim yard but I have now decided to sell a few now and again .
Uses are flooring patio and counter top or table work surface if sealed .
Some even use them as Garden paths .
Image result for photo of log burner on snooker slate
But once cut and trimmed down , most use them as hearths for log burners or inglenook lining and hearth , the slate acts as a good heat retainer and heat storage .
Much like a storage heater giving off heat after the fire has gone out heat will come out of the slate ,  if you line all around the sides and back of above fire place too .

At this moment in time I have a full set ( 5 ) of Welsh slates on my driveway and they are for sale at £60 each or £250 for the lot of Five ….no offers
first come first served …. I wish to move them quick hence low price of £60 a slab ….
check what others are selling them at  and most of them are soft italian slate not good old welsh slate like this set .
WELSH SLATE OFTEN SELLS FOR AROUND £150 per section some even as high as £175 if you look on ebay
buyer to load ….. I will help load but bring three  with you if possible .

Easy load up , if possible you will require a piano trolley to unload
it is much easier than carrying them .
I have a trolley to load only , you cannot take the trolley with you .

some have pockets cut into them , but slate is easy to cut and even put an edge on like applying a  good hard cutting bull nose router bit to the edge .

Welsh slate is a bit darker and denser to the modern Italian slate and more sought after .
most welsh slates come form very old pre 1900 to 1960s tables and are nominal 2 inch thick .

Over the years I have recycled hundreds of these slates .

5 slates will go onto a van with a 1.2 ton carrying capacity , and 1 ton back axle limit
my van carries over 1.6kg and is a Vauxhall movano MWB M-Roof
the slates weigh I ton for all 5 or 200kg each .
Phone Geoff on 07753466064 .

For sale Newark Cue sports club… Great opportunity for right minded person £69.995+SAV

Here we have an ESTABLISHED  snooker club for sale , now re-modified over the years to become a Cue sports club .
Newark cue club established for around 15 years now .
3 full size snooker tables 7 supreme winner green badges latest edition 7×4  , and a Chinese black ball 9 x 4.6 pool /snooker table .
A bar and kitchen area , ladies and gents toilets and two further rooms for office / meeting rooms  or adding further tables too .
This club has been run by the current owner ( Jules )  for all that time , developing a good membership of around 400 .
own pool league established and well run .

Since this photo Jules has replaced around 5 of the pool  tables for latest up to date supreme winner models , so dedicated is he to keep his club as the best around Newark and Nottingham and Lincolnshire borders .
No direct competition in Newark as no other cue clubs around , just the local conservative club with snooker tables but nothing that could be described as direct competition .
you would have to travel to Lincoln or Nottingham or Grantham  before you see direct competition against this club .
GCL billiards  have maintained the tables here for some time now and before this at another club he was involved with
Jules keeps the tables maintained to a high standard , some may say to a very high standard due to the fact that he himself plays pool to a high standard and used to be useful on a full size snooker table too .

and through experience of maintaining all cue sports tables for over 42 years ,
Club Owner  players do make the best owners of a cue sports club as they go over the top in keeping their tables playing well .
the club would suit a Man and Wife team with a couple of part time staff , although you could run it with staff fully if required .
This Club  could be a little gold mine for the right person’s willing to keep  to the high standards that Jules and his wife have met ,   their son Max has honed  his skills to also become a prominent pool player to England status .
At the moment Jules is having 90% of the tables re-covered , so come this winter when the club reaches it’s peak earning capacity , any new owner will not have huge bill for table maintenance
all three full size are in for new cloth as is around 6 of the pool tables , the 7th pool table is good and the Chinese 9 ball  is playing very well and should be ok for at least 12 months before any re-cover is required .

GOOD OPPORTUNITY TO IMPROVE TAKINGS and make even more profit .
Selling due to Jules main business commitments taking more of his time up ,  so the club reluctantly has to go .

more photo’s here

Any inquiries direct to Jules on his mobile number 07896 525731

or the selling agent  here

Business For Sale

PLEASE NOTE *** Newark cue club is not owned by GCL billiards , but is just advertised on my site on behalf of Jules Goodyear , who has been a very good client over the years .
and I would be happy to carry on servicing any re-cover work on the new owners behalf at very good rates if keeping to jules high standards and frequency of re-covering .

Period 9ft Snooker table for sale near Derby ..circa 1910 – 1930

We have a client who wishes to sell their 9ft snooker table

to include balls cues triangle rests and shade .
table is on ground floor and is a three section slate bed 9 foot table

buyer to arrange dismantle and loading and relocation , by themselves or through a  firm like GCL billiards who would be happy to quote for such work .



all inquiries to Geoff or Carol at GCL billiards

at our email address



For Sale Snooker table 8ft by 4ft Orme & Sons quality made circa 1901 to 1910

We have a client based at Keyworth in Nottingham who wishes to sell their Orme & Sons 8ft snooker table .

House move forces reluctant sale , been the in the family over 20 years and much cherished .

as you can see a very sturdy table made to exact build quality as a full size table .

3 section slate bed , 6 legs so no sagging in center span , and bolt into slate bed not wood screwed like many 8fts for sale on Ebay .
this is a quality table made out of mahogany and has a slate size of 8ft by 4ft 1.5 inch .

the table looks to be upstairs , but 8ft’s have smaller slates and weigh much less than a full size table , getting downstairs should not be a problem for a Firm .
all costs of removal is down to the buyer , if you wanted a quote for dismantle and deliver and set up , please get in touch with Geoff at GCL billiards for a quote .

ROOM SIZE I recommend is at least approx 18ft by 14ft 2 inch for comfortable cue room , you may get away with a smaller room if you use a small cue for cushions shots .

you may require a re-cover again Geoff at CCL Billiards could quote for this using quality strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz cloth

but you could have it set up with original cloth and get one or two  more years out of it and then upgrade to new cloth , spread the cost a bit , buy the tbale one year and set up , next year re-cover ?  .
Snooker and pool balls included as is the light shade a couple of rests and cues and triangle and scoreboard  .
My client is looking for just £650 for this quality made 8ft , you could spend double that on a  wood screw on cushioned table with 4 legs , table made this way today would be in excess of £2750
£650 is a come and get me price .
I have had a few inquiries for a quality 8ft well here is one that I would recommend buying  .

All inquiries for this table to Geoff at GCL billiards by email c.large@btinternet.com or contact from phone number on GCL Billiards web site .
I will put any genuine  interested person in direct contact with the seller .

Superb condition Mawson of Leeds 9ft billiard table for sale . circa 1895. £1000 no offers.

Not very often we get one for sale in this condition as a private sale .
Direct from seller no middlemen fees .
Table is based in Sheffield and is upstairs location .

A recently refurbished condition to a high standard 9ft Mawson of Leeds billiard table for sale
some very nice flame mahogany to frame and turned legs

the table looks to be in superb condition and the cloth could be refitted back on as a normal re-stretch

the wood work is in Superb condition , with new nets and leathers also having been replaced .

E Mawson of Leeds is the maker , just look at that flame mahogany on the end frame .

a three section slate bed 9ft table , with double muntin centre supports
Mawson made quality tables .

Rare to find a date on any table , but this paper transfer sticker says Nov 1895
now this could be the manufacture date or it could be a table move work to another property .
one thing for certain top plated billiard tables where from a period of early 1800 to 1897 .
but I think the date of 1895 is bang on for this design and slate bed table .

GCL billiards will be happy to give anyone a quote for dismantle loading and delivery and setting back up of this table .
this table is a private sale .
the table is up for a NONE NEGOTIABLE price of £1000 direct from the seller .
HE IS IN NO RUSH TO SELL and offers will be refused , the table is a bargain at £1000 in this condition .
Try finding a table like this from a  dealer at this price .

( DISMANTLE AND DELIVERY EXTRA ) contact Geoff for a price with your post code .

all inquiries through Geoff at GCL billiards , I will forward any genuine inquiry onto the seller .

email for details


ERIC CLAPTON’S old 3/4 size snooker table for sale (9ft x 4ft 6 inch)

I have for sale a much cherished 3/4 sized snooker table that Eric Clapton gave his ex wife Pattie Boyd when she was setting up a new home.  The table once stood at Eric’s house and studio named Hurtwood Edge in surrey and some serious rock gods have played on this table – Jeff Beck, Ronnie Wood, The Stones, The Beatles etc.  If the table could tell a story of the wild parties that are well documented in Erics and Pattie’s autobiographies!

Hurtwood Edge, Eric’s country home in surrey where he also had a studio and where the table originaly came from before Pattie sold it to me.
Pattie was also married to George Harrison and the song Layla and wonderfull tonight was penned by Eric who wooed her away from George. but they remained good friends .

The table is a 9ft by 4ft 6 inch, a true 3/4 sized table.  These tables hold their value as they are sought after due to them not being full size ,there are houses with enough room to house a 3/4 sized table where a full size table would be too large so they are much sought after and are thin on the ground unlike full size tables.

The table is a Palmer & sons circa 1900 so just over 100 years old and is mahogany with 6 turned legs.  I did not take photo of it when it was up, but will take some of the legs and end cushion name plate.  I will rerubber the table, recover it, and put new nets and leathers on.  If the new owner would like a full repolish then that is down to them, but I could get this done for an additional cost.  I would rather keep it as it is with its original polish and a few marks here and there just as it stood in Hurtwood Edge.

I have a signed provenance from Pattie Boyd that the table was from Hurtwood edge and owned by Eric.  Eric recently sold all of his Guitars in the famous Crossroads auction and many of these where priced at way over what most people could afford. Blackie the worn out stratocaster Eric played so often getting a final bid of  $959,500 in 2004 a world record for a guitar at that time.  By comparison, in 2004 Britney Spear’s used chewing gum sold for $14,000

I am a big Clapton fan.  I have experienced the 60s and the 70s and lived through that period as a young teenager and Eric inspired me to pick up a Fender stratocaster and play in a Rock & Blue’s band myself for around 10 years , I play hank Marvin instumental’s at home now, but now and again play Bad Love and some of the Who’s classic rock theme’s.

I shall regret selling the table as I always thought I would have a games combined music room , but I have decided to sell now and invest the money into Pool table stock for the rental side of the business, as we have had many enquiries for pool table hire .

 A  fantastic piece of provenance of a Rock God who is still alive and kicking and still playing the blues and long may he live , if you have a games or music room large enough and like rock and blues , here is a centre piece for that room and a good talking point of famous ownership. I am not asking for the same amount as a John Lennon rolls royce or Elvis’s Cadilac , or Britney Spear’s used gum .

If it sells then it sells if not I still get to keep it . The table could be pallatised and shipped to the USA if fans that side of the pond would like it , but at their cost of shipping and insurance.

Photo’s to follow