8ft Riley Billiard diner for sale …needs some work to bring back to former glory .

The most sought after size of the Riley diner is the 8ft
these large dining billiard tables are much sought after for the larger Home .
Serial number starts A8 on this table , A stands for Accrington the home of E J Riley , and 8  is for 8ft .

as you can see a little dusty , but a nice wire wool down and plenty of wax and elbow grease will keep this table patina .
I would avoid going for an expensive strip and re polish as it will knock all the charisma off this table .
you may as well just buy a Sir William Bentley Billiards copy of one if going down that route .
this table needs to kept original .

this Riley diner has at sometime had a replacement slate bed by Thurston .
not a bad thing , you do not wish to buy a cracked or broken slate bed table do you .
so although it need a little restoration work it is in very good condition .

also at sometime the leathers and bag nets have been replaced ,
now you can replace these for new , or just leather renovate the leathers and go for new nets to keep the old  patina .
if the nets do not smell fusty keep those too if they can be got off without damage to them .

now because this is the largest 8ft  normal line model  they have pull out handles to help lift the table on it’s dual height , Diner to play Height adjusters .
( they may have done a few 9fts but not many )

Now this is where the money has to be spent
the table will require a re-cloth .
also we do not know how old the rubber is in the cushions , so I would recommend
a re-rubber , re-cloth , new nets , and leathers or renovate the old leathers with leather renovator treatment  .

above a photo of one of the dual height lifters .
the adjusters are sticking at the moment which is normal if they have been allowed to go green , they are brass
and damp sends them sticky , they should be removed cleaned and lightly greased to allow good slide movement .
but it also may be that the two parts are mixed up , if you look tot he right of the words Patent you see 4 notches
this means it is lifter no 4 , now look just below and you see number 2 . this part may not belong to each other and needs marrying up with no 4 bracket
when new these brackets are made to be free sliding , they also wear into each face of its twin part , if you mixed up this outer slide part and fit to another inner fixed part they are not going to operate easy and stick .
A good Billiards fitter will know how to put this right and work much better .

the table is in the north east , Newcastle Area .

Priced as is for just ~£750  come and get me price .

All inquiries to


* this is a private sale direct from the seller to the buyer and is not GCL billiards stock .

7ft Snooker table with table tops for sale at just £250 buyer collects Potters Bar Area

We have a client moving home who wishes to sell their much treasured snooker table .
the table is a 7ft and has the benefit of fitted two piece veneered table tops .
although a little high to use as a dining table , my client used it for a Buffet table .

Photo taken by Estate agents and showing the table in all it’s splendor .
Table will come with all accessories that they use with the table .
cue’s balls triangle scoreboard etc .

the two section wooden  veneered tops that also come with the table .
Lovely condition …Excuse the boxes our client is packing to move Home .

Bag nets and leathers are in good order .

and the cloth is also in good order .
may just require  remarking out and new spots .
this table is a slate bed table , and will require two strong people to lift the top off the frame .
you may need a trolley to get it to a parked van .
The frame could then  be dismantled or moved in one piece if it fits through the doors .

Bargain price of just £250 will get you this much loved snooker table , ideal for you Covid house confined people who miss the snooker and pool clubs .

contact Geoff or Carol for further details and contact number of our Private sale client .


Very nice renovated 6 x 3 Riley Raise and fall Billiard / snooker Dining table @ £1125 ono

We have a very nice table that is a private sale and is close to Underhill near Barnet North London Area for collection .
the table in it’s recent past had a full renovation in cloth rubber polish nets and leathers ,

it sits on it’s own legs and has a raise and fall system that raises for playing , and lowers for dining off .
As you can see above it is solid mahogany and has 4 table leaf’s , that fit on top for dining table use .

the table comes with a good range of accessories in pool and snooker balls, triangle, Brush , rest cues
rules and cue rack .
these tables normally sell in the region of £1500 to £2000 form a dealer if your lucky , some may even charge more .
this £1125 price guide is spot on for this table  , it would have cost more than that to renovate it .
Buyer to arrange removal from property .
A piano trolley is the normally way to move a table slate top  to a vehicle .

under the table there are 4 lifting brackets with leveling knurl that you turn to level the table off .
there should also be anti bow  bar beams , visible to the left of the photo x 2
when dismantling the table it should be in the lower position , go under the table  and unscrew the 4 brackets off , but mark where they go back on
as the brackets wear into the other surface they should be put back on in the same order .
some brackets have a number on the side of facing edge , but not all the time .

A matching scoreboard , this is original to the table , is also included .

Rules and cue rack with assortment of cues is also included .

You can see that the firm who renovated the table kept the original transfer of E J Riley masked off when stripping and polished it back in
A proper professional Billiards  firm did this .
most would have just stripped it all off .
Some firms would have removed all the small knocks and indentations of age , this is wrong to make a old table look new ,
this renovation still lets you see it is an old original Riley diner .
but in pristine polish condition .
cloth is pretty good condition from the photo’s , and does not require a re-cloth .
as is the nets and leathers .

Very nice turned and fluted legs , with buttons to the cushions finishes off this table .
In my opinion , Riley Diners are the best Dining tables to buy , they will be the centre piece of conversation
they are well made and used top quality materials , and the raise and fall system is copied by other firms even today
I would say this table is from a time period of around 1910 to 1930  , later models from the 1930’s onwards did not have buttons but slide in panels
like this later model below .

all inquiries to Geoff and Carol at GCL Billiards

If you require a price for picking up and delivery then also ask Geoff for a quote giving your post code
Please note , we only do Ground floor to ground floor pick up and deliveries of tables .
Table must be paid for prior to pick up .
this is a Private sale direct from the seller , it is not owned by GCL billiards

by email if possible


or mobile phone 07753466064
or home office 0115 9725355

7ft hubble & Freeman snooker table for sale offers around £350 inclusive of vast amount of accessories

We have a client based just south of Maidstone who wishes to sell a 7ft snooker table including vast amount of accessories
the table is UPTAIRS , so any buyer will have to arrange to manhandle this to ground floor and out of the building
Selling clients are elderly and cannot help with that .
one pocket or rail or net may need some slight attention so I am informed .

I would recommend that the cushions and pockets and rails are unscrewed off the slate to lighten the lifting .
Frame could then be dismantled or if stairs and doorways wide enough carried out as it is .
slate is best carried down stairs on its own you may need 4 men for this .
and a small / medium transit van , with blankets , small removals firm should be able to manage this with a  piano trolley .
Well made Hubble and Freeman manufactured .
£350 ono . buyer to arrange to take away .



for more details

Great condition Titan 12ft snooker table for sale @ just £700 as is on site . Private sale .

Here we have a Private sale direct from the sellers Private home .
A superb condition full size Titan , in what looks like light to medium Mahogany woodwork .

Lighter mahogany , a nice change from all those dark woods that you cannot see the woodgrain .
I am sure they use lower cost woods on Darker stains or at least none attractive woods .but on this table you can see the Mahogany wood Grain
and being a  lighter wood would fit into most homes colour schemes .
Note the reeded legs .
And Modern pocket openings with standard Broadbow leathers .
Cloth looks good enough to refit and play straight away if you wished , or maybe go the whole hog and have it re-clothed .

The price of the tale at £700 does not include dismantle and removal .
GCL billiards will quote for a Ground floor dismantle and load to Ground floor delivery unload and  install , and also a re-cloth if you require .
the table is situated on the ground floor and is in the Greyfriars area just below Stockport and Manchester .
Contact Geoff or carol at GCL billiards for a quote for this work .

the table will come with all accessories that are shown in the photo’s .

A nice 4 handed scoreboard is also included .
Board condition is as new just shows not many games played on the table .

A matching Titan dust cover completes the accessories list
A modern table , in great condition at a fraction of a new table price if bought today  .
Too late to get it installed for Christmas now  , but A January 2021 date could be arranged .
all inquires to Geoff or Carol Large at GCL billiards , we will forward any interested people onto the seller .


Private sale Riley 7ft Raise and fall snooker dining table £1500 near Chesterfield

Here we have a very nice renovated playing area Riley raise and fall dining table
it has a 7ft by 3ft 6 inch playing area .
Reduced from £2000 asking price to just £1500
look around to see what people are chargeing for these diners and you will see with the work done , that this is very reasonably priced .

As you can see it was re-clothed at great expense a couple of years ago and has little use .
a remark new spots brush and iron and it will look very good . Hardly any use .
Viewing highly recommended for peace of mind .
it also had new large 5/8th rubber fitted for much better than standard rubber bounce , this was hard work as the blocks had to be rebated lower to take the large 5/8th rubber

new bag nets and leathers fitted to under screwed wires for easy exchange if the nets wear out .

If you wish to see the state of these cushions before refurb read this

Rock hard 7ft Riley ding table cushions , why some do not like working on these small tables , and misunderstood information given to client .

5 leaf tops of solid mahogany in good condition .

the raise and fall brass lifting system .
this allows for the table to be lowered for dining , and raised for playing .
with two main anti bow bar beams which can be also seen more central in this photo .
you should never buy a raise and fall snooker diner without anti bow beams built in as they will sag in the middle .

all inquiries to Geoff or Carol  at GCL billiards


For sale ODD size Oak 10ft to 11ft Snooker table . ??? Steel cushions too !!!

Here we have a Unique sized  Billiard table I have worked on a number of times re-clothing over the past years near Lincoln & Sleaford and Newark ( within that triangle ) .
it is one of those tables that you never forget working on , as it used to be a full size table .
And it was cut down in size to fit a room for cue size all the way around ,   by a Billards  firm or Billiards fitter ( unknown ) but maybe by Thurston ?
How do I know it was a cut down table ?
Well there are tell tale signs in the under frame work , leg spacing , and the cushions that give this away .

The table size is over 10ft long and under 11ft  playing area .
It’s outside measurments are 11ft 4 inch  by 6ft 3 inch , obviously the playing area is less than that by about 6 inch all the way a round,
to nose of cushions if you take the depth of capping and overhang of cushion block and rubber into consideration .
I would say approx playing area of 10ft 4 inch by 5ft 3 inch .
and a slate size of approx 10ft 8 inch by 5ft 7 inch
so I could not advertise it as a true 10ft and not as an 11ft …it is what is known in the trade as a B*****D Size .
I have only worked on one other B******D size table and that was in the Vicarage of Dartmouth in Devon where they had an over 8ft yet under 9ft table
So they are out there .
this table is for sale due to a house sale …due to be completed in January

the unusual thing about it , it has steel cushions from a Burroughs and watts table , yet for some reason ( maybe through working on it in the past )
I am not sure if the whole table is Burroughs and watts or if the frame is Orme & Sons , I will forward the leg design onto a Billiards historian who has referance to these tables for his opinion .
but for some reason Orme is sticking in my mind , maybe because orme stamp their name in every piece of wood , and I may have seen it on the under frame work when I worked on it in the past .
it is a table that I have told many about , when people ask me if I have worked on odd sized tables , this and the Dartmouth Vicarage one .

with steel Burroughs and watts cushions fitted to it , the slates having been reduced also means the steel cushions and polished capping friezes have also been reduced in size .
My client at this stage is looking for sensible offers , and would like a quick sale .
So here is your opertunity , if you always wanted a full size yet not got a room large enough for one ,  yet this may  fit ?
it is a unique table not many will have one the same size if any at all .
I think you would be looking at a room 20ft 6 inch by 15ft 5 inch to be comfortable , yet an inch or two  less ,  would not effect it . so 20ft x 15ft  room may be allright .

a price for removal and fitting to a ground floor premises could be given once we have your post code …by GCL billiards
this would be extra to the table price which you have to offer to our PRIVATE Seller .
this sale will not incur any middle men fees for the actual price of the table .
Viewing is recommended .

All info please contact Carol or Geoff Large at GCL billiards email .


*** ADDED NOTE ***

I have now found out through a billiard Historian ( Peter Ainsworth )
that the frame of this table is from an Orme Bath Club model table circa 1909 .
many thanks Peter for this information .
it must have been a special order to have one cut down to fit a room , and then ask for the better Burroughs and watts steel cushions to also be cut down and fit .
A one off conversion , and I suspect that Thurston maybe the firm that did this for the original owner .

Illustration kindley supplied by Peter Ainsworth .
Showing the original Bath Club Orme & sons model of table from a 1909 Catalogue of Orme .

WANTED full size table in oak or mahogany , modern type not old.

We have a client looking for a nice full size snooker table in oak
looking for one in the £500 price range so he can spend money on a re-cloth and pockets adjustment or re-rubber
table has to play like a modern table and not one that is hard to pot balls on or bounce out from middle pocket plates
A standard Riley aristocrat or Karnehm and hillman will suffice , POLISH must be in excellent order no rough tables .
not too fussed if squared or turned legs the tables playing experience is more important , of course build quality is a must have  and condition of wood work .
some thing like the following is what I am looking for , may consider a Mahogany table .

Aristocrat by Riley

oak square leg a contemporary look ?

Riley square leg , but not an old one like this as pockets openings are a problem
if you have anything like this and in need of removal i have a client waiting for one .


Geoff or Carol Large .