Army Officers Mess , finish off re-cover of full size snooker table .

Today I returned a set of cushions that I had spliced a bit of wood on one cushion end to repair a large piece that had come out from a previous re-cover by another firm and a large tack that forced it out .
This was a table that had seen some serious play over the years in an Army Officers mess .
The Oak orme and sons table had splintery wood that was really bad .
So after splicing in the new bit of oak , I decided to help them out by giving the cushion capping three coats of varnish FREE of charge while I had them in my workshop  , I would have had to touch up the new spliced bit of oak so decided to give all the cushions three coats to seal in the flaking oak wood work and stop splinters getting into trousers when rubbed on the side of the table.
Now the Finnish is not top class because if they required a total re-polish of the cushions it would have cost them around £300 extra so free is free and I am sure they appreciated the gesture of three coats of ronseal satin-coat varnish
I just Dark oak stained and used wire wool to fine sand the varnish between coats , the grain was very coarse and it did the trick and sealed in the woodwork.
offcers mess gramtham repaired capping inlay
the square spliced bit of oak inlaid into the top capping of the end cushion, the previous fitter had used a large tack to tack the cloth to the end of this capping and had split the wood , I use very fine staples which do not damage the woodwork
officers mess grantham finished table varnished wood
this officers mess has two tables , the second one also requires a re-cover which I hope to get the work for later on if they like the work that I did to this table.

officers mess grantham centre pocket leather
although I was working to a tight budget for this table , I managed to squeeze into the work a new set of leathers
The varnished wood is not my usual top quality re-polish but I only did this to seal the wood in and help them out , I had other work on so three quick coats of ronseal satin coat was all the time I could give to this job for FREE.
Officers mess Grantham table
all set up level and ready for play