Antique 6×3 foot Snooker table for sale ….very good build quality !

We have a client who wishes to sell on their 6×3 snooker table which looks to have adjustable bottom turners on the legs
I have come across these type of table’s before in similar design and they are very well made vintage of around 1900 /10 maybe a little earlier and are called Parlour Billiard tables
Definitely a Victorian piece of furniture , and you can see the old brass domed screws on the cushions  , these large brass domed screws where also used in the undertakers business to fasten coffin lids down hence why Billiard fitters named them coffin screws , they where widely used in the furniture and billiards table manufacturing and the name coffin screws stuck because that’s what they where mainly used for .
This table cost our clients £1000 when it was supplied to them as can be seen from the last photo of the Receipt in 2001 .
I think that the table is a fixed height table so cannot be made to rise and fall ?  like some Billiard dining tables , but have noticed the cut away on the end for peoples legs to clear the table frame when seated , so it may have been designed to have high chairs and a table top which is not supplied with the table , it is being sold just as a fixed height snooker table , I am not too sure but maybe the rise and fall system is in the adjustable leg heights and it may be a Billiard diner without the top leafs .
possible Victorian billiard table  manufactures are George Edwards / George wright ?
If you are looking for a nice 6ft snooker table then you cannot go far wrong in buying this one …the seller is open to offers , may I remind[people who make an offer that this table is not fold away Argos table , it has a slate bed and is designed to be a permanent fixture rather than one to be moved from room to room .
I would say the current value as it stands is somewhere around the £250 /£300 mark , but our clients are willing to listen any offer that is reasonable .
if any one is interested from the photo’s then contact Geoff at GCL Billiards , he will put you in touch with the seller.
6x3 snooker dots 1 6x3 snooker dots 2 6x3 snooker dots reciept for £1000