9ft Riley 3/4 sized snooker table for sale …lovely condition this one @ £950 as is .

We have a private sale direct from the seller …no middle men fees .
A 9 ft x 4 ft 6 inch snooker table three section slate bed table …some term this as a 3/4 sized table being 3/4 the length and 3/4 the width of a full sized table .
not to be confused with an 8ft which others also term as 3/4 and yet is not .

as can be seen this table has been renovated and is still in very good condition

you may require a re-cloth you may go with what is all ready on the table as the bed cloth could be refitted  , my advice is go to view before you buy to know what you want .
Table is located in Harpenden .

Cloth does look OK from the Photo’s also nets and leathers look very good

Wood work looks in A1 condition having had a refurbishment at some point in it’s life
button may be missing from bolt hole , so again ask if all there or go inspect before purchase from the owner .
the owner is asking £950 for the table , and this is not unreasonable for a private sale price , you would be paying much more from a dealer .
but do not forget this is as it is on site not dismantled and delivered and set up , you could ask GCL billiards for a price for this before you buy .
Just remember this type of work is not a courier pick up and delivery or a parcel being delivered by parcel force  it is a bespoke skilled billiard fitter service and is priced appropriately.
A price will be supplied once we find if on ground floor at both ends and the distance from our base in Nottingham round miles trip .

As you can see it is not a parcel and has to be fully dismantled to deliver then erect , a postman cannot do this or a delivery courier driver .
it is no flat pack from Ikea .
it is a bespoke job from start to finish from a time served billiards fitters team of two .

A full on photo of the table playing surface .

you just know when you see a new transfer that this renovation has been done to a high standard
a billiards firm that has gone to the length of having reproduced the original art work for the transfer ,
which is then sealed under the polish shows the detail they have gone to in the refinishing and transformation of the table .
again make sure all the buttons that have fallen out of the cushions are still there and complete .
with the table you should get the balls triangle 2 cues and rests and the lighting and scoreboard .

*** Delivery and Install is not included in the £950 asking price you are buying it as it is sited for £950 .
PLEASE ASK FOR A QUOTE giving details of address and if on ground floor instillation and no steps or stairs .
the odd step does not count as we can ramp this for the piano trolley we wheel the slates in on from the van .

Price depends on distance and floor levels at both ends .

all inquiries to