St James model , Oak Burroughs and watts , Match play Steel cushioned full size table for sale in Nottingham … JUST £750 BARGAIN

We have a local client here in Nottingham , who wishes to sell their full size oak snooker table  circa 1930s /50s
the table is a Oak  Burroughs and watts st James model with upgrade of steel cushions on ridgidus frame , and comes with all accessories and modern fibre glass light canopy .
the table has Match play Steel cushions a much sought after design .
as you can see this table is upgrade by steel cushions and in oak plus the rigidus frame .
May be an image of billiards and text that says 'Appointment. THE "ST. JAMES'" AN EMBODIMENT OF SIMPLICITY IN DESIGN. Complete with Accessories Full Size BILLIARD TABLE L massiy £160 SPECIFICATION: 6ft.) Mahogany fitted od tapered RuBy Butted appendages Ivory Long Pockets: PATENT RIGIDUS FRAME, knees: double Fraland England Cloth: Chalk Hoers: and including Brush. ensuresus Manufactured specially extreme supplied the ordinary Frame lustration *SPECIAL Cover Cues. Table. extra. resting upon support. Oak Walnut extra. fitted with Household world, vide description £21 extra. BURROUGHES & WATTS'
and what all professional players like to play on .

Medium oak Burroughs and watts table with rigidus frame style .

Wood work looks very good on this table , the table is very local to me here on the outskirts of Nottingham

the cloth looks a little faded so it may require a new re-cloth , it depends what your budget is

as you can see the scoreboard on the far wall and the light canopy is also included as are the cues in the wall rack .
depending on offers and how much is achieved there may be a few more extra’s included .
please note the removal and relocation of this table is not included in the price ,
the table is for sale as is on site and the buyer has to arrange to collect and deliver , plus any other work they may require like a re-cloth .
if you would like a quote for the dismantle loading onto van deliver and unload and set back up on ground floor ,  before you make an offer please contact Geoff at GCL Billiards
with your details of post code tel number and if the table is to be located on Ground floor or if any stairs are involved ( including anymore than one step )
Just so you know what steel cushions are they have a steel plate often described as a steel block in the trade .
here is a photo of what I mean , and it is a professional design that is used today by all the professional tables you see on TV , and a much desired design and very sought after .

You may see this  painted on stencil on the back of the steel cushions when the wood frieze is removed .

a set of steels that I have worked on in the past

a more modern Riley table with steel cushions on as an example
Steel cushions are an upgrade to any normal wood cushion and often sell second hand for £1000 just for the cushions which makes this table at just £750 a Bargain .

All inquiries for this oak B&W table  to     or   07753466064
we will forward any genuine people onto our client .
please note the table is a Private sale it is not GCL Billiards stock it is being advertised on our clients behalf .
Please note there is a system to go through make an offer and we will forward this on if we think it is reasonable for the type and condition of table advertised .
if you wish to talk what is a reasonable price then phone or email Geoff or Carol on contact above .
you will require a room with inner measurements of 22ft by 16ft at least to house this table for decent cue room play .
slightly smaller and you may have to use a smaller cue on some shots .

Bad back and sciatica is effecting work at the moment , please bear with me it will pass

I have had to cancel and looking to re-arrange a few job’s if my bad back and sciatica does not ease up .
it is a long suffering recurring injury and gets worse the more lifting of tables and slate I do .
which at the moment is a lot .
It is the Piriformis muscle expanding and crushing or trapping the nerves , I do not have a herniated or bulging disc .
this causes acute lower back pain and  in the groin area , plus spreading down the leg to lower calf and ankle pain

This illustration above shows the acute pain area I have at the moment
last night I did not get any sleep at all , and today I have spent 2 hours in the hot tub with the warm jets relieving the pain
I bought this hot tub 2 years ago to treat my aches and pains of fitting snooker and pool  tables as I get older .
and it is the only thing that works for me at the moment , these creams you put on are useless and so are some of the pain killers .
not only is the pain in the main Sciatic nerve but there are smaller nerves spreading out like an hand to the front of my groin , these are being irritated too
The causes extreme incruciating pain

All these smaller branches of nerves are also affected not just the main thick nerve that runs into the leg
any one who suffers with this will know just what I having to put up with these last few days .
I have had epidural injection three , two weeks apart to try and fix this some time ago , it was a quick fix and did not really do much in actually curing Sciatica .
I have tried to carry on working fitting tables but even sat driving I am in pain .
and I had a 6 hours of driving yesterday 3 hours there and 3 hours back with 4 hours fitting ,  when I went to fit a 9ft table near Cromer in Purple .
it was after this long day that my back got really  bad pain last night .
they say that sitting is not good for Sciatica , but 6 hours driving standing up is impossible .

so please stick with me if you have a table booked in for work . if you are affected I will make contact to give the reason I cannot do the work .
I do not like letting anyone down , and will get to you to do the work , all I am asking is a bit of leeway to fit you back in to reschedule the work at  a later date
I am sure some of you with just re-cloth work could wait a bit longer as you can still play on the old cloth for a week or two until I reschedule you back in  , it is the actual fitting and moving of tables I will have to really try and reschedule with you or maybe have to pass on work to a  couple of fitters that I know .if you cannot wait a little longer .
If you do not hear from me your work is not affected , but it may be a day before that I phone you .
as Sciatica is one of those injury’s that you just do not know how long it will last .
Easter is here and this gives me at least 4 days to rest it up , plus do a  few stretching exercise that is suppose to alleviate the Piriformis muscle trapping the nerves .
so hopefully I will be OK for Tuesday 6th April and that job is a  full size table and a small pool table fit too   in the same House , lifting 5 heavy slates onto frame from a Garage store  and also 2 hours drive there and 2 hours drive back .
I will keep all those affected in the loop ,
and thanks to all that understand what I am going through at the moment , I would not wish Sciatic pain onto anyone  .