Second hand set of steel cushions for sale .

UPGRADE your snooker table to pro standard … steel cushions .
they require a bit of work , but rubber is ok for bounce .

Full size set of steel cushions for sale @ just £400 the set .
wood frieze parts needs re-polishing .
they have wood friezes and back pate frieze bolts , some pocket bolts not all  ,  and all pockets plates are included
every thing you need to upgrade a standard wood cushion set to a pro steel cushion set , at a fraction of the cost a Riley steel set set would cost you .
they have been drilled to fit a Orme table but will also fit the modern 6 bolt slates .
may fit a Burroughs and watts or they may need realigning and drilling of new bolt holes  to fit other makes of tables .
as long as your table slate bed  is 12ft by 6ft one and half inch they will fit .

contact direct to Stapleford  cue club ask for Jed , phone 01159  394504 .
Private sale .

Very nice 10ft oak Snooker table for sale £725 in Langport Somerset .

We have a client who wishes to sell their very nice immaculate 10ft oak snooker table .
Table is a Titan designed table and Riley sometimes uses this table design too .

Balls rests triangle and cues included

close up of the cloth it looks almost unused .

If you would like a quote for GCL billiards to collect this 10ft table dismantle and load onto our van
all blanket wrapped , deliver and install and erect on Ground floor , then contact Geoff or Carol for a quote


SOLD >>>>> Sir William Bentley Flip over 7ft dining table for sale SOLD SOLD SOLD

NOW SOLD to a client buyer in Leicester


Here we have a reproduction of a vintage design of flip over dining table
by sir William Bentley billiards and it has a blue cloth .
in very good condition by the look of the photo’s my client has sent me .

as you can see a simple one person job of flipping over the table top to dine off
this leaves the snooker / billiard table suspended underneath the table and no 4 or 5 sectional dining top leaf’s to take on or off unlike the riley dining tables .
and where do you store them , this solves the problem a simple flip over design .

Lovely polished Mahogany finish
the actual dining table top  will be a little larger than the 7x3ft 6 inch playing surface of the billiard table .
closer to 8ft by 4ft I should think .
plenty for 8 to 10 places depending on chair size . you may even get 12 placings  if you are lucky and get two people at each end .

the legs are a nice turned design , on this reproduction replicating the George Edwards or George Wright flip over diners of original design  of the late 1890’s
I do not think this table will be up for sale long ,
Christmas is coming , what better way of entertaining the family after the Xmas Lunch than to clear the table , flip it over for a few frames of snooker or pool .

all inquiries to Geoff or Carol  at GCL billiards

If you would like a quote to dismantle move and relocate set back up , please also contact Geoff or Carol at GCL billiards
with your exact post code and address .

GCL billiards bringing you affordable tables direct from the seller , please use GCL billiards professional billiard fitters relocation services for this one
do not trust the cowboy firms to move such a nice table . Quotes always available and priced to miles travelled .

SOLD !!! BCE Westbury full size ( Standard cushions ) recently rubber and new cloth . SOLD SOLD SOLD !!!


NOW SOLD TO A BUYER IN FRANCE .  another sold table
what sold this table was the condition and how much the owner had spent on it recently , and the fact BCE tables are a bit more sought after .
being fitted by a good fitting mate of mine in Bournmouth  .

We have a client who wishes to sell his BCE WESTBURY 12ft snooker table
the table was recently  set up re-clothed in Strachan 6811 tournament cloth around 18 month to 2 years ago and only had Home use .
And also had new Northern professional rubber fitted and pockets openings re-cut .
and new nets and leathers
At this price with the recent work it is a Bargain .

My client is moving house down sizing and cannot take his table with him .
so it is priced to sell at just £750 .

the table has the modern adjustable centre slate adjusters fitted , BCE Westbury where one of the first to use these .
stops centre slate sagging and if it does happen then adjustable to get it out .

Just to prove it had the rubbers replaced here is a photo of me doing it .

A very nice table for little money , why buy a table you would have to spend around £1100 on to replace all the cloth /rubber and nets and leathers
BCE tables where used as world tournament tables from 1982 to 1992 .
and some professionals still swear by them today as one of the best tables around to play on .
so much that John Higgins recently let go of his Star table and bought a S/Hand BCE Westbury , sourced by GCL billiards for him .
save a few thousand from new , on this Westbury table for sale near Nottingham .

£750 is for table as it is , buyer arranges the move

Delivery and installation on ground floor , you want a quote ?

contact Geoff or Carol at GCL Billiards for a quote .

SOLD !!! Full size OAK ORME & SONS arts and crafts table for sale SOLD SOLD SOLD !!!

Well only on for less than 24 hours and already sold to a client I knew who was after something a  bit special at a good price .
the table is stopping in Leicestershire too , so not far for the buyer and seller to arrange delivery .

We have a deep arched framed oak Orme and sons , what we would describe as an Arts and Crafts design dating from around 1920s to 1930s years .
The table is in oak and made by the famous Manchester firm of Orme & sons .

As you can see this leg design is unique to orme & sons and reminds me of a table I once worked on in the late Maurice gibbs Home near Esher London .
deep frame work and arch embellishments all in solid oak , the polish is in very good condition .
The cloth is not it is badly faded due to sunlight .

this table is very imposing design of the arts and crafts era .

End view of table .

Welsh slates are original to the table .

Slate thickness bang on 2 inch , very heavy slates to handle .

Score board that is with the table .
there are some x rests but no long tackle rests
a scoreboard and brush .
a set of balls
and a couple of cues and cue rack
there may be some rest extenders and cue extender with the table , I think this is why no long tackle .

the table is a private sale and is stored in Leicester Forest west very close to junction 21 of M1 .
my client is asking for £1000 for the table as it is and described .

inquiries to

I will pass on your details to the seller .


if anyone would like a quote to deliver and fit the table please also inquire .

NOW SOLD 8ft snooker table for sale offers around £250 to £450 NOW SOLD

SOLD through EBAY .

TABLE has now had a first bid on Ebay so the seller is going to let it run it’s course on there please feel free to bid on the table at this link

selling number if you wish to search that way on Ebay UK  is …………..   224179038130

just copy and paste this number into top search bar on Ebay .

I have a client who wishes to sell their 8ft snooker table .
located near Nuneaton /Coventry .

the table is in all round good condition .
cloth is faded but playable .
and is priced to sell at around £350

it is on Ebay at £250 start price or buy me now at £450 .

legs look very nice . polish too in good condition and a very  nice piece of furniture .
it is a genuine old table close onto Antique age , but has the modern pocket plates and not the old fashioned top finger plate .

all inquiries to Geoff  or Carol at GCL billiards