9ft Riley 3/4 sized snooker table for sale …lovely condition this one @ £950 as is .

We have a private sale direct from the seller …no middle men fees .
A 9 ft x 4 ft 6 inch snooker table three section slate bed table …some term this as a 3/4 sized table being 3/4 the length and 3/4 the width of a full sized table .
not to be confused with an 8ft which others also term as 3/4 and yet is not .

as can be seen this table has been renovated and is still in very good condition

you may require a re-cloth you may go with what is all ready on the table as the bed cloth could be refitted  , my advice is go to view before you buy to know what you want .
Table is located in Harpenden .

Cloth does look OK from the Photo’s also nets and leathers look very good

Wood work looks in A1 condition having had a refurbishment at some point in it’s life
button may be missing from bolt hole , so again ask if all there or go inspect before purchase from the owner .
the owner is asking £950 for the table , and this is not unreasonable for a private sale price , you would be paying much more from a dealer .
but do not forget this is as it is on site not dismantled and delivered and set up , you could ask GCL billiards for a price for this before you buy .
Just remember this type of work is not a courier pick up and delivery or a parcel being delivered by parcel force  it is a bespoke skilled billiard fitter service and is priced appropriately.
A price will be supplied once we find if on ground floor at both ends and the distance from our base in Nottingham round miles trip .

As you can see it is not a parcel and has to be fully dismantled to deliver then erect , a postman cannot do this or a delivery courier driver .
it is no flat pack from Ikea .
it is a bespoke job from start to finish from a time served billiards fitters team of two .

A full on photo of the table playing surface .

you just know when you see a new transfer that this renovation has been done to a high standard
a billiards firm that has gone to the length of having reproduced the original art work for the transfer ,
which is then sealed under the polish shows the detail they have gone to in the refinishing and transformation of the table .
again make sure all the buttons that have fallen out of the cushions are still there and complete .
with the table you should get the balls triangle 2 cues and rests and the lighting and scoreboard .

*** Delivery and Install is not included in the £950 asking price you are buying it as it is sited for £950 .
PLEASE ASK FOR A QUOTE giving details of address and if on ground floor instillation and no steps or stairs .
the odd step does not count as we can ramp this for the piano trolley we wheel the slates in on from the van .

Price depends on distance and floor levels at both ends .

all inquiries to


Away to Whitby for a long weekend from Friday Aug 28th to Monday Aug 31st will not be available .

Due to Covid restrictions , I am having a  few short breaks in the UK instead of going abroad to Portugal or Lanzerote which is my favourite spot of late .
my Daughter will still be at Home with the Dogs but not answering Emails or Telephone calls and my mobile is not coming with me so no contact will be available while I am away  .

1st break is next Bank Holiday weekend is to Whitby  , for a short long weekend from Friday to Monday 28th to 31st of august

2nd break will be in two weeks after the Whitby break to my favourite place in the UK Brixham in Devon for 7 days .
so I also will not be able to take messages emails or telephone calls from 12th to 19th of September .
again my daughter is at Home with the dog’s but not answering any emails or telephone  calls .
I may book another short break closer to Christmas it depends how work is going and bookings or the lack of them .

Out of the two I feel that Brixham has more to offer , in weather  ( if lucky ) in scenery , and in places to visit nearby .
also local pub’s and Restaurants are good , but then again Whitbys pub and restaurant scene is not bad .
and Whitby is famous for it’s Northern soul and Goth weekenders … as well as Dracula .

Supporting eating out and UK business in B&B and shops is more important than chasing the summer sun abroad these days .
the UK economy is taking a battering and was bound to happen and is no big surprise , we could all lessen the hit if we buy British or stay British for holidays at the moment .
The UK public has got to start supporting UK business especially small local business which are the first to go , the Government has extended it’s support to small business owners until October
After this all small business owners are on their own ..its make or break  , so go out book those short weekends in the UK spend some money in local shops and pubs and restaurants .

I could have so easily gone abroad for a couple of weeks , but feel that I must support those that may well support others , and in a round about way it effects us all .

GCL Billiards  supporting local UK business .

6 Leg ball & claw 7ft Snooker dining table for sale …£700

We have a client who wishes to sell their 6 leg Ball & claw foot 7ft Billiard dining table
slate bed of modern 1980s / 90s  manufacture .

the table has a two piece wood table top for dining off in its low position .

the table has four click clack dual height brass table adjusters just like the old Riley tables used to have
you may also notice a stiff L shape girder bar with adjustment nuts on to help prevent slate sagging over the length of the slate bed .

Slate size is 7ft , notice that cloth is in very good condition , as are nets and leathers so I am informed .

By 3ft  6  inch wide slate .
The table is a Private sale direct from the seller , and is collection by buyer or specialised courier .
you will need a piano trolley and 2 strong men to move this table .
the table is located in Elstree near London .

Asking Price is £700 .
all inquiries to  Geoff at ,


6ft …W Jelks …RARE BARLEY TWIST LEG OAK Snooker diner for sale …not to be missed at this price . £1250

GENUINE ANTIQUE period not reproduction .
and very sought after manufacturer in the billiard table industry .

Jelks Largest Stock of Billiard tables_4

Read all bout W Jelks on the billiards and snooker heritage collection …all credit to the E A Clare ( Peter Clare ) and Peter Ainsworth for history write up.


We Have a private sale client who wishes to sell their very nice Oak Barley twist leg Billiards diner .
Make is the much admired Jelks name …these are realy sought after in that makers name .
and is a genuine ANTIQUE not a reproduction .
We have been told it is a dual height table for dining and playing
as you can see from the photo’s it is in very nice condition
you can buy it all in with the scoreboard and the chairs for just £1250 …WHAT A BARGAIN
just look around at other sites and see what Billiard diners int his condition are going for .
Table is based in Worksop Nottinghamshire .

Very nice period THE CHALLENGE scoreboard is also included as is cues and balls .
I think there are 8 Chairs one removed for photo of legs .


all inquiries to Geoff at GCL billiards .
I will pass on your details to the seller .
this is a private sale and is not owned by GCL billiards .

You could get a price from GCL billiards  for a bespoke professional collection and delivery and set up
but you may find that you can manage with just hiring  a  van and taking two strong persons with you
*** the table is to be paid for before it is allowed to be taken away .

Full size Snooker table , Orme & sons oak fluted leg table for sale *** may be sold deposit taken

the table May be sold deposit taken by seller ******

Score board still available .

We have a client who wishes to sell their much treasured family billiard table
A period of a round 1910 to 1936 is the time period of the table manufacture
Orme & sons well known for their preference to make tables in solid Oak …chances are if you see an old oak table it will be a Orme & sons .

This table is being sold on its own or with a very collectable Orme & sons  Arts & crafts scoreboard
Lighting Shade is included in the price as is the gas stove  heated iron balls and long tackle plus rests .

Square shaped fluted leg with decorative button and flat bead edged knee panels

Now these boards are a bit special , and this one more so as it is from the Arts & Crafts period and design .
The table can be sold separately  for £500 and the score board for £600 , or both for £1000 .
and as a gesture the owner will throw in a nice set of framed period rules .
the score board is a 10 player life pool and billiards board and has 6 ivory buttons missing but overall is in very good order , I am sure you could locate 6 buttons from a collector or billiards firm .
or buy an old bone ball and have some made on lathe .

the arts and crafts carved design of the closed door fronts to this board make it unique and collectable
Be a shame to separate it from the table , but these boards are in demand .
if the table is sold first then the board can go after .
but the buyer of the table gets first refusal of the score board .

Ivory name plate on the table has King George V as monarch , reign from 1910 to 1936 .
a good way to date a table if you have no original sales receipt is the end name plate on the cushions
most carry the time period of the Reigning monarch .
Sadly we live in a time where the board is worth more than the table , but we have priced these items at a very reasonable costing ,
this reflects the sale s prices currently fetching around the UK for S/H tables and equipment .
A good time to buy is right now .

a nice set of framed period  Billiards rules , could do with a new antique effect glass in the front .
these are included if you buy both the table and the score board .
but if not then this set of rules is £50 .
Table is located near Bamford  , Manchester .
Cost of removal and collection  is down to buyer , the table is on GROUND FLOOR , so no stairs to get down with the heavy slates .

*** if you require a quote for professional billiard fitter team to collect load , deliver unload and set up on Ground floor , please contact Geoff at GCL billiards for a quote