No 1 Snooker & Pool Table Recovering in Nottingham Derby and Leicester plus Lincoln

We are the number 1 choice for the local East Midlands and beyond for the recovering and maintenance of Snooker & Pool Tables. We have built a reputation of trust and fine workmanship, and we have many referrals for our work, please ask around the many snooker and pool clubs or local pubs or private owners of cue sports tables.  You will find there are many who recommend us as a reliable and trustworthy firm.

Geoff Large has 44 years personal experience and the 44 years are not stitched together with other fitters like other firms do to extend the look of experience.  He has actually been working for over 44 years in the trade as a billiards fitter, from working for his Uncle in the 1970s under the guidance of a qualified billiard fitter (Mick Robb) for 6 years, through to an established East Midland Billiards firm of Elston & Hopkin for over 31 years and now as an established Company owner of GCL Billiards for the last 8 years.  Geoff is enjoying it even more now than when he was employed.

While that enthusiasm is still there and Geoff is fit and able to do the work, GCL Billiards will be around for a few more years yet.  Geoff Large has no desire to retire.

He may take it a bit more slower paced now he is older in age and take the odd one day off now and again and he has had to stop doing the upstairs work involving lifting heavy tables up and down stairs.  But he will still offer the dismantle, transportation and set back up ground floor to ground floor option, along with re-clothing, re-rubber and new nets and leathers on all cue sports tables.

A taster of what we are about.
Butlins hotshots artscape bud dec 2015
From large contract work
STEVE B's OAK ARISOCRAT 2012 recover
to privately owned tables
cueball pool room busy
from busy local Pool and snooker clubs
renovated home pool table mkt harb
to privately owned small pool tables
re-rubber of pool cushions to black rubber
re-rubber of pool cushion
to re-rubber of full size snooker tables
Blackburn template too big for pocket opening
Rectifying faults or tight pockets for clients
acadamy table leveling
Leveling snooker tables
linc brain level 0.1
and pool tables to a high degree as this thickness of a £20 note shows .
rushcliffe tables and shades on van
to transporting full size snooker tables
supreme 3 on van room for one more
and delivering our new contract rental pool tables .
we have organised some difficult installs of snooker slates
Adjustable muntins K&hillman
Improving tables by fitting adjustable slate bearer brackets
Ivanoe ken stretched string down
Re-stretching bed cloths
ashbourne ripped cloth repair near cushion
sewing torn cloth

Towers ball rails process of being cleaned
and being very thorough when re-covering , cleaning the inside of the table is just as important .
Dorset ornate table Mr Roberts
From Advertising clients tables for sale on our web site so that you deal direct and no middle men fees , which means you get some Bargain buys
kelso bed cloth fitted (2)
some tables were even advertised FREE for collection, as this one above which our new client had installed and re-covered in royal Blue in Scotland
Thurston life pool slides out martin

also some bargains on old antique scoreboards such as this one which sold for just £400, direct from an advert placed on GCL Billiards web site in the for sale section .
Above I have given you a taster of what GCL Billiards is all about. We are no hit and run or bodge it and scarper firm.

If a job is worth doing then do it right, my old boss John Hopkin had very high values when it came to working in this industry he was very well respected for it, not only from clients but from fellow billiards firms in the trade.

I like to think I run GCL Billiards on those same values.

We are entering our 8th year as a Firm and we have been busy in all that time.  We have over 40 years time served billiards fitting experience.  Do not be fooled by adverts of stitched together experience, this is a well used ploy, or other misleading advertising like bought or resurrected names of defunct and not trading any more old historic established firms to get a foothold in the market.

Go for the firm who uses their own identity and do not hide behind others’ good work and reputation from the past.  Enquire around about Geoff Large or GCL Billiards, you will find we are genuine and a firm to trust.

Geoff Large
NBSA approved billiards fitter
& Business Owner
GCL Billiards


We will now be stocking the new Black ball Limited Edition Hainsworth match cloth .

Hainsworth only supply Black ball with this cloth .
and is Exclusive to Black ball only , but Black ball are now supply the trade so you can have this limited edition cloth fitted to any make of table .

So it does not matter if you have supreme , DPT , IPA , old Hazel Grove in fact any make of table we will be able to source and re-cloth in this Exclusive cloth colour and grade .
contact Geoff Large at GCL billiards to reserve your slot for you next pool table re-cloth .
but if you should also wish to upgrade to a Black ball table , I am sure we will be able to accommodate that as well .
and offer you competitive pricing on par with any other retailer .
I will be contacting Micheala and Ross at Black ball to see what could be offered for retail by GCL billiards .

Burroughs & Watts Life Pool Scoreboard with matching ball cabinet and penny slots ….all original circa pre 1895

We have a Genuine 1895 circa Burroughs & Watts  life pool Scoreboard for sale , a large 10 player board .
very ornate and attractive ,and at a reasonable price too when you compare what other leading billiard houses are selling them at .
all original ivory buttons , the lower cabinet WOULD have had a set of Ivory pyramid or life pool ball stored in there and the penny slots would and will  still take Victorian Pennies .
you can pick odd ivory balls up now and again so i am sure you could make this period display even better
Highly collectable in this condition , and would look great if you all ready have a Burroughs & Watts table , but have  a standard scoreboard .
all the life stars are there one is sticking at the moment but it is there .
a little repair here and there and a small split is all that this board has that you could pick fault with .
It is has not been re-polished and is all original apart from small repair to left hand lower slot , very hard to find them unrestored  and original in this condition .
all I am going to do is wax it and polish it up .
Phone Geoff and leave a message if I am not around to answer the phone 077534 66064
£1500 will secure this board and will include couriered delivery ….the board is a Private sale .
Not too bothered if this one stays I like it that much .

Hectic week of work at Butlins no messages and no emails will be answered next week


February 10th 2020  onward .

We got a full hectic week of work at Butlins plus added some job’s in around that area to pull in too .
so I will not be around to read emails all next week so do not be offended if I do not get back to you .
the run in of February is also very busy no free days , so no work can be pulled in .
March 1st week is also booked out ….then I am away for two weeks Holiday .

Now taking bookings for work in April as back end of March is almost full too