Re-cloth full size Riley Aristocrat in Hainsworth Match cloth , and impressive Man Cave .

I have been over to Beeston the next main town from me to re-cloth a table I put in two years ago at the start of this man cave , I also supplied the supreme Prince pool table to him as well as the Riley Aristocrat pro steel cushioned  full size snooker table , located through our private sales program and this web site  .

This full size  table is located in a warehouse upper floor area where the owner has created a very enviable Man cave ,
together with Pool table air hockey football table and table tennis table ,  a gym weights  , video machines with twin seats pinball , table tennis and a very impressive golf range video range game using real clubs and balls .

I am not going to say where the warehouse is located for security and customer client confidentiality .

but just look at the photo’s who would not want something like this .
First of all how the table was re-clothed

Steel cushions on the this top of the range riley Aristocrat , cushions being stripped and re-clothed .

the bed cloth off to reveal the slate bed sections 5 in total , and a taster to the games my client has to choose from in his man cave is in the background .

cloth of choice for our client is the expensive top of the range Hainsworth match on the bed with Hainsworth smart on the cushions for best ware and tear .

not the best cloth to fit for inexperienced people you can rip it easy if you are not careful  ,
you have to be very careful especially around the centre slate falls and use G clamps on this cloth .

Bed cloth marked out with D and baulk line and spotted , Ironed and now the cushions being aligned back up before torque  tightening of bolts .

the finished table , level checked and one net replaced .

and just some photos of the other games on offer in this man cave .
a Genuine Brunswick Shuffleboard around 12 to 14 foot long , I did not measure it .

Sam Air Hockey table .

Sega multi game video in foreground , Pinball and twin race video games in corner

Football table

and an impressive Driving range with large video projector above .
Add to this a table tennis table and a 7ft pro series Supreme Prince pool table
and as you can see a really enviable Man Cave has been produced here by the owner .

After three days rest away from phones I am feeling ok so back to Work .

I do not like being ill and having to rearrange work especially if it affects others timings too .
thankfully the work that was affected did not mean any major disruption , and I thank all those affected for their cooperation in resolving this issue .
but now after a few days recovery I seem to be over the illness , let’s hope it has gone for good this time .
It has been lingering and coming and going since January  , not sure it is all related to the same illness or I have been unlucky enough just to get the next bug that is going around .

but I am pleased to say I am back at what I like doing best and that is working on cue sports tables .
Running a small company like GCL billiards is not easy to do if illness is involved , I do have extra help with labour to help lifting ,
but I do not have anyone else to cover for me if I am off for the skilled fitting work .
When people look at our website they think we are a large multi workforce billiards firm , I am afraid those days of large billiard firms with 3 or 4 experienced fitters are long gone ,
and the two or three firms left that have more than one fitter are either fully booked out doing world snooker work or have enough work to keep their fitters busy , but most billiard firms are just one fitter and the odd labour help ,

when I first started at Elston & hopkin in 1980 we had 4 Billiard fitting staff , 3 office staff , 4 billiard hall staff plus cleaners , plus a removals firm as back up if we required extra labour .
How things have changed  over the years and that is just one small Billiard firm that was established from 1938 who at one time had 13 billiard halls at its peak time of trading as well as the fitting side .
Above a photo from around 1936 Burnaby hall Hopkin Billiard hall Hyson Green . ( before it became elston & hopkin )
over the years the Billiard ( Snooker Industry ) is shrinking in man power , due to more and more tables being made abroad mostly China .
and with it the Experienced billiard fitter is also disappearing , more importantly no apprenticeships are being offered .
I am 65 on Friday 29th March , and I am now thinking about an ideal age to retire ,
I have set my goal at 70 years old which is only 4 years past my Government official retirement age of 66 .
Until then Health permitting I hope to carry on the art of billiard fitting , after my retirement age I may work part time and train someone up into the job to take over GCL billiards .
I would like to think with the successions of firms from John Gent Billiards started around 1880 to Elston’s 1932 then elston & Hopkin 1938 who then split to around three firms and GCL billiards was one of those firms , i would like to think GCL billiards could still be trading after I am gone .
From John Gent circa 1880 to present day there has been a fitter handing down their knowledge from fitter to fitter , it would be a shame to stop at GCL billiards .
One word of warning it is hard work having to lug around 1 ton of heavy slate even on a level ground never mind up or down stairs .
so who ever I take on in 4 or 5 years time to learn this trade would have to expect a lot of that .
But hey working for yourself is one of the most rewarding jobs you can do , you get a lot of self satisfaction and you are only answerable to your clients and of course the tax man .

Had to cancel a few jobs this week off ill again I’m afraid

I seem to have a bug or virus that keeps coming and going .
and this last week it has hit me again to the point that I am just not upto Driving or doing any work and have been in bed this last 48 hours .
just got up to make this blog news , so that everyone knows the situation and I will be getting in touch to make a new appointment for work that I have not been well enough to carry out

I’m afraid I am a one man operation when it comes to re-cloths or normal work and I  do have one other part skilled man to work with me on any table moves .
unfortunately I would not send out anyone that could not do the work 100% , so anyone who is due work and has been informed I will not be coming and have to make an arrangement to come and do the work at a later date .

For all those who have booked work in and you have not received any phone call cancelling the work then expect me as normal .


my mobile is now switched off I need the rest away from work to get over this illness , if you phone the home phone number my wife may answer or she may not as she does work part time for another firm .
but she will not be able to quote or take any bookings for work , I am afraid you will have to wait until I am well enough to resume this .

Cueball Derby two full size Snooker Tables, re-cloth in Hainsworth Match

I have been over to Derby this week to the Cueball club .
On this visit my instructions where to re-cloth bed and cushions on two of their tables .
The cloth used is Hainsworth MATCH on the bed and Hainsworth SMART  on the cushions.
This combination of a thin fast bed cloth and slightly thicker cushions cloth to take the wear and tare of ball bounce around the nose of the cushions.

Start of the work , strip down cushion cloth off the cushions .

I fitted new rubber last November to this table , the table has had some misuse and had several holes in the bed cloth and one on the cushions cloth
So because of misuse the table to be reclothed.

Hainsworth Match is a difficult cloth to fit , so it has to have clamps put on around the centre pockets when pulling the 4 corners out and tacking bed cloth on nice and tight .

The finished table , hopefully the people using it will not repeat the misuse , Danny who runs the club is on the ball when it comes to keeping up appearances .
a scruffy torn bed cloth is not a good advertisement so he is now keeping an eye on this more popular overused table to see that the misuse is  not repeated .

the second table to get the refresh treatment is an old Orme and Sons table with modern slates and cushions .
This is a very nice table to work on , just a couple of nets to replace as well and it is now back up to pristine playing condition .

The Cueball Club at Derby is a well run club that really goes the extra mile where Customers are concerned
place is clean and tidy and many improvements have been carried out since Rileys owned the place , it is now run by Owner Danny for the past 7 years .
and every year he has improved and moved the place forward .
Danny keeps a tight ship , staff always polite , toilets nice and clean , Food Drink selection good , and they sell Accessories and Cues too .
and more importantly all tables kept to a good playing condition .
an important Client of GCL billiards with 12 full size snooker tables and over 8 pool tables .

Full size Burroughs & Watts carved table for sale steel cushions and choose your extra’s

We have due to HS2 Rail track  going right through the property  a table to sell for a client
The table is not your usual type that you see for sale , this one is Steel cushions and carved and you may wish to choose what you would like added to the table from the excellent top end accessories .
I am going to let the photos do the talking here and you’ll see what I mean , there will be sale  options of all the items as a job lot .
or the table only or the table scoreboard and cue rack only , and the excellent billiards raised bench seat only .

the Burroughs and Watts full size  table may require a new cloth , but this is a burroughs and watts steel cushioned table in oak .
the last one I worked on that looked  like this belonged to the late Maurice gibb of the Bee Gees , but that one had standard cushions on it .

Very ornate carved leg table in what is known as Arts and crafts period , circa around 1920’s /30’s
very deep sided table depth of side frame and arches , make this table look more substantial than a normal table .
The original long rests and cues are with the table .

as can be seen the original badge is till on the end of the cushion , Patent Burwatt steel vacuum cushions
by Burroughs & watts , this is a very old firm and one of the best firms and tables when built , do not confuse the modern Burroughs and watts firm with this firm they have no history with this old firm .
This is an original Burroughs and watts steel cushioned table .

the fantastic original scoreboard , there may have been a barometer or clock in the round section
this board is often referred to as a Life pool scoreboard or Pyramid scoreboard  .
the below ball display  storage box is not seen on all of these boards but with this board it comes complete with it .
Ivory or bone turn knobs and score sliders are original tot he board .

The life pool slide out panels  in the out position showing the three mother of pearl life markers
the object of the game is you have three lives , slide the panel over a life if you lose a life ,
and there is a slide out star if you wish to buy an extra life incorporated just under the upright panel where the clock is , this is slid out if you buy a life back to show a star .
some boards have penny life  slots , this board does not have that feature .

an original period rotating cue rack and cues complete the added  accessories .

This is a very rare to find Billiards viewing bench seat with storage
I would say this is an Extra to the table , because of size it needs a very large van to move it
roughly just under 12 foot long  40 inch high and 35 inch depth . to edge of plinth

the plinth comes off  and separates

Bonus to the buyer is the seat has just had an expensive reupholster .

make sure if you buy this seat you have the access to get it through doors without turns being tight remember it is nearly 12 foot long .

and would have to be separately transported if you bought the complete package as too large and heavy to load on with a table , and would not fit on my van .
or maybe use a large removals van to collect the entire complete package would be the sensible way but that could prove costly to do .
I do have another alternative to have the seat only moved in an open backed wagon if route is acceptable to the driver of the wagon  , but at buyer’s risk of weather .

Right I am awaiting a price indication from our selling clients for each item or as part package entire package .
We have already had a discussion about possible values , but if you would like to make an offer in the meantime while we work out the prices then please do so .
Fixed Prices will be going up on this site by the end of the week .

A Unique opportunity to acquire  a very substantial piece of Historic billiards collection at a reasonable price .
Direct from the seller with no middlemen fees .

All inquiries to Carol or Geoff Large by email to


we will pass on any genuine offers for this table to our client and if you wish to have a quote for removal and delivery and set up we can quote you for this .


Did you know GCL billiards rent pool tables out to pub’s clubs and staff canteens on full  maintenance contracts .
We have many  tables now  in a few club’s and pubs around the midlands area mainly East midlands , and we also have a major supermarket chain that uses GCL billiards
to supply their new supreme winner pool tables in their staff room / canteens on a rolling contract which we carry out a 6 monthly re-cloth service .
In fact we carry out two re-cloths every year on our tables included in the rental price of £80 per month and no VAT to pay !
We know of no other firm that offers this high maintenance service .
We only wish to cater for a nominal amount of sited rental tables so get on our books while you can  , as we also have a full billiards firm carrying out re-covering and maintenance not only to pool tables but to snooker tables too .
we therefore only wish to have around 40 to 50 machines sited to run alongside our full maintenance billiards firm .
May we point out we are fully qualified billiards fitters and not a fruit machine mechanic who will be maintaining your rental table .
We are 100% cue sports people who understand cue sport players requirements to play on good maintained tables .
we are focused on cue sports rather than coin slot machines in general .
we therefore offer you a better more professional approach to having a fully maintained machine on your premises rather than a poorly maintained one .

initial contract is for 12 month and after that .
we carry out a 6 month rolling contract renewed at each re-cloth stage .
we change the balls every year  , and supply two sets of balls from new .
you have the keys and all that goes in the cash box is yours .
all we ask is you keep to our contract agreement and pay each monthly the rental payment without missing any payments .
So good is this deal that we have two club’s one with three table’s installed and one with 4 table’s installed , as they worked it out that with tax relief it was better to rent than buy .
and not have to worry about paying expensive re-cloth or new cushions or new coin mech .
they just sit back and take the takings from the machine pay the rental each month and have no worries of breakdown costs or maintenance costs ,
and their table always look good with a new re-cloth every 6 months .

we only use top rated cloth Strachan 6811 tournament  as our standard cloth and if you pay a little extra each month you can upgrade to Hainsworth Match cloth .

Tables are cleaned out too so no dusty balls or sticking balls on dirty rail system

we buy the latest green badge tables , so you know you are not playing on a reconditioned 10 year old machine .

the latest tables come with cast metal corners rather than the older plastic chrome corners of the old model .
and the wood finish of all our tables are Black Pearl .
Get in touch with Carol or Geoff Large at GCL billiards to order your new rental supreme winner coin op table and start making money from  your new table as soon as it is installed .
We would like more sites in the Nottingham Derby Beeston Stapleford Long Eaton area especially , but we do have sites as far as Matlock , Lincoln , Nuneaton and Coventry .


*** we would like to point out that your pool table in order to make it pay for your rental site , it must take at least £20 per week or £3 per day ,
that’s 40 games a week 0r 6 games a day  at 50p per go .
if you rental site does not make this amount your commitment for the first 12 months is still £80 per month , we do not do 50% split taking site rentals .
and after all many tables take at least £60 to £100 per week what would you rather pay per month £200 split out of £400 takings or £80 per month ?
also do not forget if you attract pool  players into your pub they also buy drinks .
As they say if you provide a better maintained new table you will attract more custom to your pub or club as the word gets around you have a good maintained table .
Maintained by GCL billiards