The Profesional Matchroom steel cushioned Match table for sale £1000 buyer collects

We have a client based in Teddington near Kinston upon Thames .
and they have a full size Match room snooker table which has the all important steel cushions fitted with BCE type pocket plates .
I would say the table is circa 1980’s  in age so a modern table for the modern game .
These tables where very expensive when they where sold new .
but today could be purchased at a Bargain price of just £1000 including all accessories .
GCL  BILLIARDS will quote for this work .

as you can see a very nice full size table

Badge’d as the Professional , and the badge does have the signatures of Barry Hearn’s Matchroom team
Not sure but I would say the matchroom team associated with Barry Hearn had something to do with the design and supply of these tables .
and because of that the high prices charged for these tables back in the 1980’s .
there is not much on the internet to link them , but if it had that badge on then it must have been linked to the Barry Hearn matchroom .
Barry Hearn prospered from the snooker boom of the 1980s when he formed Matchroom with players Steve Davis and Tony Meo.
Later Matchroom snooker players include Terry GriffithsDennis TaylorWillie ThorneNeal FouldsJimmy WhiteCliff Thorburn and Ronnie O’Sullivan.

another view of the Profesional Matchroom table .

all these accessories are with the table , plus a canopy light shade .
the only thing lacking is an iron by the looks of it and a dust cover unless the owner has these too ?
I am advertising this as  a private sale for my client , the buyer to arrange for dismantle and pick up .

all inquiries to Geoff at GCL billiards , and I will pass on your inquiry to the seller .


Full size snooker table , Limed Oak Riley Reeded Aristocrat in Oak for sale . Offers in the region of £1500 ?

*** Offers in the region of £1500 for this superb oak Riley , you only have to look at new prices to see what a Bargain this is .

We have a client in Andover Hampshire .
who wishes to sell their full size Riley Aristocrat reeded legged table .
this table is in what looks like ,  from photo’s an Attractive Limed oak with matching scoreboard .
*** SHADE OF OAK MAY DIFFER from photo’s .

as you can see it has a worn grey cloth on it at the moment and it is torn look at patch near chalk and pool balls in photo  ,  so will require at least a  re-cover .
the table has Standard cushions fitted to it .

Corner pocket opening looks to be around 3.5 inch at the fall .

Attractive leg design and nice oak grain pattern .

some of the balls may have wear marks in them so I have been informed .

the wood work looks immaculate , and the table comes complete with scoreboard ,
Cover , Brush , Iron  , snooker balls , pool balls  triangle and chalk , rests , and cues plus wall rack .

Very attractive reeded legs , in Oak , very rare to find one in oak for sale second hand .

Riley stamp on top of each leg

Riley name plate and the important MADE IN ENGLAND badge .

the table is very well made and already has adjustable muntin slate centre bearers .

Cues that come with the table .

and rare to find with any sale an Iron is included too .
if you required a price for pick up and delivery then please ask Geoff at GCL billiards , also any work you may require doing to it like a re-cover or re-rubber ?

contact Geoff or Carol at

PRICE  TO BE CONFIRMED , but we will take offers at this moment in time to pass onto our seller .
The seller is still thinking on what price to ask , I have given him a realistic price range for him to consider .
based on what tables are selling for , and that this table is in Oak and a Riley Aristocrat reeded leg .

*** This is a private sale the table is being advertised for sale on GCL billiards web site by the owner and is not GCL billiards own stock  , there is no buyers commission or premium to pay .
but we do ask you to try and use GCL billiards as the firm to collect the table and install it .

Pick up delivery and install is not included with any price agreed with the seller for the table .

*** table is now on Ground floor and carefully dismantled and bubble wrapped apart from slates which are pallaetised and in dry storage  , so it could be collected from Andover , my client may help with the loading if you wish to fetch the table to cut costs down .

then just get an experienced time served billiards fitter to install and re-cover

Again all inquiries  Email
Geoff or Carol at ,