WANTED full size BCE Westbury steel cushioned table .

I have had an inquiry for a BCE Westbury full size steel cushioned table at a reasonable price .
if anyone has one for sale , then please contact me so I can pass on the information to my Client .

Genuine BCE westbury only please .

Condition of woodwork is important , but things like rubber cloth nets and leathers could be replaced , the polish however and condition of woodwork should be good .
also slates have to be in good order and not dished or broken and all bolts inserts in slate present and good to go .
also frieze bolts and slot plates present and correct and all pocket plate bolts .

These BCE westbury tables where very popular in the 1980’s and 90’s ,
they where made in their thousands so someone should have one for sale ,
But condition and location  is everything .
There are some copies around but my client is after a genuine one .

Interesting Historic Match played billiard table full size for sale . Circa November 1906

This full sized Billiard table is based in the North East  of England
it has a very interesting plaque and an accompanying autographed by C Dawson photo .
the table was manufactured by Birmingham based Padmore’s .  ( now part of the Thurston / Clare group of companies based in Liverpool )
on one end there is  a plaque commemorating a Billiards 9000 up exhibition match between H W STEVENSON and C DAWSON in NOVEMBER 1906

you may also note Henry Murton billiard table maker plaque , on frame , this was put on when the cushions where remodeled a few years later .

A signed C Dawson autograph is also included along with this photo of the two players .

The faded Henry Murton of Newcastle , cushion modifying plaque on the other end of the table .

A nice round reeded globe leg , with lion head knee panels and a lion head in the centre of each slide in cushion panel .

Above shot of cloth condition , looks like it had a recent recover not long ago .
but maybe nets and leathers could do with upgrading .
maybe returning to billiard bag nets if someone wanted to make it how it was in the day of 1906 .

lions head in each knee panel
The table looks like it could do with a total re polishing to bring back up to a good playing order , maybe new rubber and re cloth and bag nets .
this table would make a great table for someone who is into historic Billiard / snooker  collectibles .
it is one of those tables that should not be scrapped or recycled because of the historic interest .
With many tables going down that route of re-cycling , it would be a crime to send this the same way , so our clients are willing to listen to very reasonable offers for the table ,
the table belongs to a Parish council , so as you would expect the money would come in handy for them to use around the borough for good causes .
please contact Geoff at GCL billiards , he will put you in touch with the person in charge of selling the table , and guide you to a price to offer that is fair to both parties .
this is a good opportunity to pick up a table with good history provenance at a low reasonable price.
I will be asking Peter Ainsworth a local Billiards Historian here in the UK , for his views and if he can shed any light on the history of the billiards match played on this table  , I am sure he will have it logged down somewhere .
things like
DAY  date and Time , prize money and attendance figures , maybe it was UK tour ,of these billiard players , also history of the players themselves , and who reffed the match ?

Two more rental contract , Supreme winner pool tables going out this week to Nuneaton. & Derby and Nottingham area .

We have expanded our pool table rental portfolio by fitting two more tables into a club in Nuneaton later this week .
allthough you could buy a table in almost any colour combination , our rental tables are installed as Black pearl cabinets  mechanical coin operations bodies and side doors  .
Factory cloth is changed at 6 months and we then re-cover in strachan 6811 28 oz all wool napped cloth .
If you would like to take out one of our excellent rental packages for a Brand New supreme winner 7×4 , speak to Geoff Large at GCL Billiards
our two recover a year package is the best value around and people often say how do you do it for the price !
Let us explain why renting is just as good as owning and maybe even better with tax concessions and recover options and upgrades to new tables after 5 to 6 years .
you never need to worry that your table is looking rough or the worst table in the neighborhoods pubs or clubs  , players will be clambering to play on your new GCL Billiards rental table .
because they know it is going to be re-covered every 6 months and new balls and cue’s every year , plus an extra set of Premier Aramith  match balls at install .

We will be supplying , Two Brand new  Supreme winner coin op tables converted to Free Play for this client who prefers to charge by the light usage / Hour charge .

We only do our rental tables in coin op with cue ball return to baulk line end .
we can take out the coin operation and just have free play , but you still get the cue ball return to baulk end
this is something you do not get with normal none coin op winners , all the balls come out at rack end .
and the cue ball does not separate .
We do prefer to keep our Rental pool table’s on Mechanical straight six coin operation , but for clubs wishing to charge by the hour we can convert them so that the balls bypass the coin operation ,
but still retains the  1/7/8ths cue ball   to 2 inch colour balls  separation slot .

our Winner tables are the latest design with die cast chrome metal corners rather than the older models with chrome plastic corners
you can tell the difference when you see them . also the trim line between cushion and upper surround is an alloy thin one and not the raised plastic type that no one likes .
the cabinet finish is Black pearl satin , rather than the older black ash wood grain which goes shiny and reflects the above lighting into your eyes .

Chrome metal Die cast corner plates with raised lettering

This is a club in Coventry that has three of our tables out on rental contract with two re-covers a year allowance .
winter and summer league starts off with a fresh re-cloth .

our tables have the superior Strachan 6811 cloth fitted, this is not thick slow club cloth but a 28oz version of tournament cloth especially made for pool table use .
all 100% pure new wool and no man made fibers in sight , these cloths are very good for cue ball control , there are faster cloths ,
but when it comes to all round play this cloth is the best to use .

Green badged tables are the latest tables with Black pearl finish cabinets
The choice of professional players , and best colour for rental tables .


For sale 8 foot snooker table NOW SOLD



Here we have a 8ft snooker table complete with balls and cues …offers invited
our client would like a quick sale so a reasonable price will secure it , buyer to arrange collection .
You can arrange for GCL billiards to give a quote to pick this table up and deliver it .

the table is a one piece slate bed table with a 4 leg frame in solid mahogany .

There is also several sets of balls with the table

and rests and cues

All inquires to Geoff at GCL billiards .

at   c.large@btinternet.com

WE DO NOT USE TEXT for inquiries or quotes


Please phone us during working week hours 9 to 5  if you have a inquiry or wish for a quote  .

if no one answers leave a voice message Please .

as you can see above texts can go back and forth all day long .

We get quotes like

How much to level a table ? no post code or what type of table just how much .
or how much to dismantle a full size table transport and erect it ?  again no post codes or if the table is on ground or upper floor at each end .

after going back and forth with texts it wastes so much of my working time and also my leisure time .
when a simple one on one talking over the phone can be so much quicker and less time wasting .
if I am unable to answer the phone , it maybe due to having my hands full or I am working on a table and time of day or client prevents me from answering a phone call at that moment .
Also I think it is rude of me to run an office answering service when I am supposed to be working for a client after all they are paying me to work on their table not answer phones , so it maybe later in the day when I answer a message left on my phone .
but only phone messages not TEXTS .
I am sorry if this seems like I am ignoring people , but texts is not one of my good things , actually it is one of my pet hates .
I can talk faster than texting back and forth and get my point or explanation over much better and quicker .


NEW Van new van wrap

Just before Christmas I upgraded the van to a Brand new one having had the old one four and a half years and at 60.000 mile thought why not .
less worry , less maintenance , less chance of something going wrong , and keep the company image fresh .
So we have had the new van sign wrapped with a reversal of design from our previous van so look out for us on the road.
snooker theme on side , pool theme on rear .

Out side the Plough Inn at Wysall today , nice pub and very nice meals , but was visiting the pool table for a re-cover , rather than having a pint .

As you can see i have had a reversal of design , what used to be on the back door is now on the side and the side is now on the back door from our previous van .
~also positioning of phone numbers a bit different and larger on the side of the van .

I will miss this old van , it never missed a beat in four and  a half years and 60.000 miles .
I kept the miles lower because I also use my car on some jobs .
just got to put the number plate GCL 13 back on the new van and we are done .
*** UPDATE … 21st January 2018 my old van above sold off forecourt to a lady who is going to convert it to a camper .
These vans if bought  on low miles and looked after like mine was ,  are ideal camper van conversions , because you can already stand up in them without any roof conversion
and they have factory roof panel cut outs already in the roof for putting skylights in for such conversions .
Medium wheel base has plenty of room for beds and seating plus wardrobe and cooker .
Ideal for up to 4 berth .