Transport full size snooker table pick up in high Wycombe to Littlehampton on south coast and re-cover and set up .

Just got back from a two day job leaving Nottingham to High Wycombe to dismantle a full size Karnehm and Hillman snooker table .
at the same time as dismantle to save time on the install , we stripped and re-covered the cushion cloth .

the table was advertised on our website by Keya , who required the room for other purpose  .
as you can see the cloth was faded and the table did require a re-cover in Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz cloth .
also the leathers where loose and Ben who had bought the table decided to also have new nets and leathers fitted .
Steve set off from Lincoln at 5 am to come over to me at Nottingham , We left Long Eaton near Nottingham at 6.30 am and arrived in High Wycombe around 9am .
we stripped the table down and re-covered the cushions at this stage as we find this saves valuable time on the install .
then we loaded the dismantled full size snooker table onto our van . we left High Wycombe at 12 o’clock midday .

As you can see a stripped down table fits nicely into our van and is well within the weight limits of this van loaded with two people and tools .

when we arrived in Littlehampton on the south coast around 2.15 pm in the afternoon , Ben was going to supply 4 men to help lift each slate upstairs at around 3 to 3.30pm .
but he mentioned as we arrived that he had a disabled lift installed but it had a weight limit of 250kg , now these modern slates made in italy are not the normal 2 inch thick Welsh type weighing 200kg each , but only Italian  1.3/4 inch thick and weigh in at 170kg , I worked out that because Ben was the lightest person there at around 65 to 70kg  if he could hold the slate off the sides , and keep his hand on the up lift button then we could use the lift , and myself and Steve would load and unload them off the lift .
as you can see the lift worked out the best way to get all 5 slates upstairs without the need for the extra 4 men to come over .

as you can see 4 slates on the frame and one to go . Steve posing in this shot .

all five slates on the table is level and we attend to slate joints all by 4.30 pm .

Bed cloth is laid onto table and is ready to tack on by 5 pm , the cloth of choice the highly used in the billiard industry is the UK made Strachan 6811 Tournament 30 oz cloth .

Bed cloth on and we retire for the day to our overnight Hotel just 3 mile up the road .
we did well to get this far on day one , I was aiming just to get the slates on , the table level and slate joints filled and sanded ready for fitting of the bed cloth the next morning .
We managed to get the bed cloth fitted and three of the pocket nets and leathers changed , to put us a head of the game for the next days work .
the finished table , and all by 11am the next Day , with new nets leathers and rail straps fitted .
we left at 11am and was back in Nottingham by 2.35pm , which enabled Steve to be back in Lincoln by 4pm .
Ben had also purchased some long extending rests and cues , 2 cross rests and a spider bridge rest , a new set of Tournament Champion balls .
new lighting two wall cue racks , and he is buying a Dowsing UK made table  iron and a good quality pure bristle  Peradon table brush , plus a
Peradon fitted black table cover .

as you can see the table came out well and suits this modern room  , from a badly faded cloth to a brand new re-cover and new leathers and nets

I like these Karnehm and Hillman tables , they are what I call a no nonsense table easy to work on , and they have been manufactured using good quality wood and hand floated slates .
I am moving a 10 foot version of this on the 28th of this month from Maidstone in Kent to Worcestershire for another client  , in fact I move a lot of these types of tables .
they made them in their thousands during the 1980’s to 1990’s before closing down , a shame really as they where very good at manufacturing tables .
all though  this one was a Square legged version they also made them in turned leg and carved tulip design called the Buckingham model .
some people prefer the clean lines of the square legged version and they do not collect dust like a turned leg one could .

just for comparison

A Buckingham tulip design carved leg with side scrolls and the plain turned leg without scrolls
As you can see they had the same design cushions with buttons and Italian slate , so when people say they have a better table just because it has turned legs amuses me .
they all play the same as the upper half is the same .
the only difference is the lower half of the leg and the scrolls added each side of the leg .
in fact straight square legs are more sturdy made tables having no dowels to turn leg and upper leg block to become loose .
we are Extremely grateful to our client Ben , who looked after us well as booking the Hotel with meals and providing us with drinks all day , and the use of his newly installed lift which made life a bit more easier for us not having to carry the slate upstairs .

VERY VERY BUSY here at GCL Billiards & Snooker / Pool , advance bookings coming in at record pace .

It amazes me that only a few years ago the Billiard and snooker  industry looked like it was going pear shaped and work was hard to come by .
in fact I was put on a three day week in my last employers charge around 7 years ago .
And was often reminded by this employer that work was hard to come by and that I would find it very hard to establish a successful business in the billiard snooker and pool table maintenance industry .

I would have agreed with him at that time as we where experiencing a down turn in work , but something inside me kept telling me to carry on and try it  for myself , I was not going to waste nearly 36 years of Time served Billiard fitters Experience .
I started GCL billiards 6 years ago now and with each year the bookings have increased , Pool is very popular and snooker is now fighting back in popularity .

many Qualified Billiard fitters have retired or left he industry in the down fall of work without training new blood up , it is hard to keep young people interested in work when all they want to do is play on their i phones all day   , this makes finding a billiard fitter with free time almost an impossible task .

And at GCL billiards we are currently looking at November the 13th as our next free time to take in work , I have the first week and the last week of November already booked out .
with the rest of September and all of October booked out there is no free time to fit anything in now .
I am sorry for any inconvenience to future clients wishing to use GCL Billiards as their choice to carry out work on their cue sports table .
Some people seem to think I just do not want the work and one lady left me a bad feedback on google because I could not fit her in which I found most unfair , but it is a case of I simply cannot let people down who have booked me to do work to let someone in early or jump the waiting list so to speak .
I do work the occasional weekend Saturday , but I also have commitments on some of these Saturdays .
Please by all means continue to inquire about my availability , but be prepared to have to wait a few weeks to get a free slot , unless I have a cancellation which is very rare .
below a few photo’s of what we actually do .

sometimes we find ways of making lifting slates that much easier .

the other alternative is by hard graft

we get some people asking for other coloured cloth such as this upstairs install .

or printed designs on cloth , this is butlins skegness .

now and again we get asked to open up pocket openings and if possible do it without recovering the cushions .

or to template size such as this opening on a set of Burroughs and watts steel cushions .
carried out at the same time as a re-cover .

We are also a specialist in table removal transport and re-erect ,do not trust this type of work to a man and a van

from fitting new rubber to cushions and shaping curve and undercut

setting table up in the correct position .

Even american pool tables are no bother to our experience of  a vast range of table designs

to exquisite Billiard rooms

to large snooker clubs

and UK pool tables .

St Johns snooker club Bloxwich near Walsall return to re-cover again .

I have just completed a return to St Johns snooker club in Bloxwich in the west midlands .
I first did this clubs tables in August 2015 and they asked me for a better cloth to play on , at the time Strachan had brought out a lightweight 29 oz version of it’s popular Tournament cloth
which they do in three weights , 32 oz thick and slow but lasts longer , 30 oz the normal grade that is a happy medium of faster cloth but yet still retaining good wear qualities , and 29oz , shaved nap a little closer for speed , and OK for use in clubs that get moderate wear such as St Johns .
I do have problems getting hold of this 29 oz cloth , Strachan had problems with the weaving and shaving machine in Stroud where they manufacture the cloth .
Lucky for us most choose the 30 oz for more use .
but at St Johns they where delighted with the speed of the tables using this 29 oz version and asked for it again .
it took me around 8 weeks to source it through Peradon’s but I finally got hold of a few bed cloths .
I use 30 oz on the cushions with this 29 oz as so not to disturb the Cloth retaining thickness and give the cushions some extra wear nap .

St johns first table though the door with cloth off showing the 1 inch thick slates .
these tables are upstairs and all three tables have thin slates , I guess they did not wish to carry full thickness slates upstairs .
when the firm who supplied the table sold them to St johns Church snooker club .

checking level on the tables .

Far table completed and someone is polishing their balls in the back ground !

three tables at St johns the center table does not get much use so this was left this time .
The two outside  tables where the only ones getting a full recover in Strachan tournament 29 oz on bed and 30 oz on cushions .

After one of the clubs committee queried the cloth used as they looked on the Strachan web site and could not find Tournament 29oz , I have visited the Strachan web site and it states they do a 29 oz club cloth but no 29 oz tournament , I can assure the club and the two people who where their the two blue lines running through the side of the cloth and the embroidered Tournament stitched into the cloth , proved they do make tournament in 29 oz .
I do not supply club cloth and never will as there is very little cost to be saved on a full size recover if you use Club cloth maybe around £20 per table .
I value my reputation and my clients trust me to use the best so I order only tournament cloth and never use Club cloth on Snooker tables .
UNLESS a client asks for it , then I have to order it in as I never keep it in stock .
I will be contacting Strachan to see if they have made a mistake in their listing of the 29 oz and they should have stated tournament and not club .
Peradon list it as lightweight tournament and not 29oz .

2nd Table ready for play .

7ft Riley / Titan type Snooker dining table Good condition in oak …..just £695

We have a client based in Tunbridge wells in Kent who wishes to sell their 7ft x 3ft 6 inch Riley / Titan type Snooker dining table with dual height lift action .
After discussing prices for the table I suggested that £695 would be a good price for a buyer and the seller for a quick sale .
these tables are around £1500 to £1800 to buy from some retailers .
the table is a modern made one and is in light Oak with a two piece dining top .
The size is just ideal for a person to collect themselves and hire a van to do this .
you do not require a qualified billiards fitter to pick one of these up , a good piano trolley and a Vuaxhall Vivaro type van is all that is required .
simply go undeneath and remove the 4 slide up lifters , number them and put them back in the same spot on assembly .
take note of D end on frame and mark the end of frame with a D , make sure D is put at the D marked  end on assembly .
I could offer a pick up and delivery service but would prove costly for  a van and two fitters ,  this table is in the south of England many miles from Nottingham where we are based , but I do know another fitter in Bournemouth area .

Table comes with two sets of balls and cues and a matching scoreboard and triangle .

the table top is in two sections .

nets and leathers are also in good condition , the nice reeded legs in light oak .

all inquiries to Geoff or Carol Large at