7ft Snooker table near Scunthorpe Lincolnshire re-cover in grey 6811 Strachan tournament cloth

Last week I visited  a Home near Scunthorpe to re-cover a 7ft snooker table made in the 1980s by a firm from the north east .
these tables lack the cushion retaining slips that you would normally find and instead are screw off blocks .
Not what I like and really should not be done when all it takes is a rebate slot and  cushion slip wood insert to be made on construction  of the table .
If I was doing a re-rubber I would change the blocks to slip blocks , but this work was just a re-cover on site .
to make matters worse they screw the blocks over the cloth then glue and shape the rubber and over the screw heads !
result is  difficult to find screw heads to take the blocks off to re-cover this table , but we managed it .

the table as I found it , original first recover and faded cloth .

blocks off and staple new Grey Strachan 6811 cushion cloth to cushion back wood , this is how these tables are meant to be re-covered .

this is how i would expect to fit a normal cushion cloth , a slip or bead of wood is hammerd into a slot and traps the cloth
this wood is called  a cushion cloth retaining slip , note the word slip it is meant to slip in and slip out thus making re-covering a cushion easy to do .

fitting the bed cloth and trimming the waste off .

the finished table re-covered in Strachan 6811 tournament grey cloth

my client was very happy with the result and I did explain about the screw off blocks and the normal slip method .
and he watched me complete the work .
I have had a few clients ask me for Grey cloth , this is the third I have done this year .
and have an 8ft to do in the same cloth this month too .
but it is not always readily available , and can sometimes be a delay in getting hold of this Strachan cloth .

Feeling Ill but we carry on ….too many job’s booked in before Christmas and do not wish to let anyone down .

For the past two weeks I have had a chest pain that came on and it was not going away .
the pain  was upper chest and into left arm and today it got so bad I had to do something about it , after the Client who I was working for today commented I looked in a bad way .
He even offered  to take me to the Hospital in Newark , but I declined .
So it was no surprise that when I finally got home the pain got worse , and advice was sought by my wife , and after contacting 111 and consulted an on line Doctor who just sent the ambulance once  he had heard the symptoms .
Lucky for me it turned out to be a torn muscle or trapped nerve around my chest or neck region which the nerve endings also travels into the arm , hence the arm pain as well as chest pain .
so got the all clear that it is not a big problem and I can go about my work as normal , but to take it more easy .
I do have a high blood pressure reading and few other problems , but all in all not bad for 63 year old .

Now Claimed…. FREE SNOOKER TABLE we have arranged to pick this up for a client from Surrey so table is now claimed for FREE .

NOW GONE claimed for FREE ……

YOU MISSED A GOOD DEAL FOLKS , due to owner requiring room for other purpose and quick it was offered for FREE .

Table now claimed for FREE , new owner is arranging for GCL billiards to collect on 7th of November for 9th of November delivery to Dormansland in Surrey .
We do get these FREE tables for disposal now and again , due to room being required , this mainly due to house sales or recently purchased house which is the case with this one ,  and if not claimed for FREE we recycle them as another alternative , so we and the current owner where delighted that someone took a fancy to it as it was clearly too good to recycle .
this table is a very well made Riley Imperial .



Just getting some more details about this Mahogany Riley Imperial full size snooker table , but another one that has to go from a Private seller ….NOW FREE !!!!!!
A Riley square leg looks modern so around circa 1970s onwards .

Table is free ….. all I know is the table has to go space is required .
looks like the cloth has faded and worn a bit so will at least require a re-cover and the expense of removal delivery and set up .
register your interest and i will look into it for you .
This table is Private owned it does not belong to GCL billiards .
if you would like a quote for GCL Billiards to collect and deliver and set please ask Geoff .
This table is near Wakefield …Yorkshire .

8ft GCA ( titan type ) Snooker table for sale , NOW SOLD !




Sorry this one went quick , but please keep looking on my web site for other tables that may come up for sale direct from the seller with no middle men fees then just get a quote from Geoff at GCL billiards to relocate it .
This table is due for relocation on 19th of October and is being re-covered in new Grey cloth for our buying client all on the same day of pick up and deliver and re-cover , the seller was extremely pleased that we where able to sell his table so quick .
this we feel is due to the way we sell tables , by not buying and selling ourselves we do  not have to add a percentage to the sale as we are not keeping a stock on our books ,  but by placing an advert direct from the seller at realistic prices we feel attracts buyers , and this system works .
KEEP LOOKING on our web site for more great table sales direct from the seller no middle man fees to pay .
just our normal relocation charges for dismantle and deliver and erect .
as we would if you where moving home and where taking your table with you and required a specialist to take care of this type of work .
Removal firms and man and van do not do this type of work with a sectional slate bed table , it is a Qualified  Billiard fitters job to do this to a satisfactory standard .
and we have our own van to do this work .



Here we have a good opportunity for some one looking for three section slate bed table with bolted cushions
Ideal Family Christmas games table just in time for Christmas at a very good price .
These tables new can cost up to around £1995 without the table tennis top option .
Our client is eager to move the table on and wish to have it sold and out by October .
so here is a Bargain for someone for just £500 . Which I think has to be the fairest price as any removal costs going on top and relocation costs has to be added .

as you can see the polish is in very good order and I have been informed hardly any use at all on the cloth .
the nets and leathers still look immaculate .
This table was probably imported by Titan leisure and GCA re branded it as their own by simply sticking a label on one cushion .
GCA I have been informed by the seller no longer exists .
Now there is one thing that could be improved on with the table and I will now show you from a photo.

the underside of the table shows that there is a three sections late bed as the line is a slate joint , but there are no slate supports to wind up to the slate in this table ,
a long beam of wood is required and two adjustable brackets at each end will make this table a much better table to play on .
or two cross ember beams and 4 brackets , the choice is yours , but I would advise this to be done as my next photos will show you .

adjustable muntin slate support adjusts upwards and supports the slate from sagging .
a preventative option that you should be having fitted to all snooker tables above 6ft .
Especially 4 legged tables , such as this one .
obviously the price of this table at £500 is a private sale and does not include any alteration or pick up and delivery .
a price could be supplied for you from GCL billiards for this work , but we are pretty booked out at the moment .but I could give a good few firms names for this work if we are not available .

the cushions have bolted type hex head fixings so not  a low cost option , with just wood screw slotted head fixed on  cushions so well made .

the table comes complete with a table tennis hard top cover , the table underneath is a 8ft snooker table the table tennis tops are approx 9ft long .

a very nice looking table and at just £500 it is a very fair price
the table is based in Weobley in Herefordshire  .
any inquiries please contact GCL billiards through our email and we will pass on details to both buyer and seller .

My Recent trip to Castlefranc in Fance to renovate the playing surface of damaged 10ft Billiard table .

Just a few words and Photo’s of my recent trip to Castlefranc in southern France to carry out a re-cover of 10ft billiard table level and sort the slate joints out .
I was met off the plane by Simon  my client as arranged although I was a little early coming out of arrivals ,
and I was wandering around for 30 minutes before we found each other , and Toulouse airport is a very large one .

Simon and Sara have a traditional large French town house in the center of Castelfranc which is around one and a half hours drive from Toulouse airport .
Simon and Sara are keen vintage car owners and racer’s and hill climbers  and own a variety of classic and vintage vehicles .

The side courtyard Garden steps up to the front door and above Balcony , the double doors on the ground floor is where Simon has the Billiard table located .
Simon calls his man cave the Cave du snooker or in french , La grotte de billard .
I did point out to my clients that there is no such thing as a snooker table and that snooker is a game played on a billiard table , and my job title was billiard fitter .
So having arrived i was shown my room which contained of course a 4 poster bed with ensuite , and views over my alarm clock from the window .

every morning at 7am  the bells rang out waking the village up for work .

Simon’s water damaged Billiard table , the cloth had shrunk and came under intense pressure and gave way in two places by ripping .

Simon’s table was manufactured around or just before circa 1900 , manufactured by Thomas Padmore & sons of Birmingham but formerly of London .
Thomas had passed on and in 1871 his sons John and Edwin Padmore expanded and moved to 118 Edmund Street.
you can read up on the History of Padmore & sons from the snooker Heritage web site ,
Padmore’s where amalgamated into a trio of billiard firms of Clare and Padmore & thurston group around 1966 , they are now just known as Thurston .
Thurston being one of the oldest of Billiard firms .
please read this link for the full History of this group of companies .

the table is finished and myself and Simon pose for a photo at the end of the day .
Brand new Strachan 29 oz tournament cloth , with a new set of leathers , there where a few problems but we overcame them .

with a full 4 to 5 hours to kill before I had to be back at Toulouse Airport there was the chance of a walk around Cahors .
above the bridge over the River Lot .

Stunning Bridge spans this river at Cahors

It was just 3c temperature during the last night .
The temperature was just rising at this time in the morning and was around 18c at this time of day , and by the time we got to Toulouse airport it was 24c
When I arrived back in Birmingham it was overcast raining and 13c .

My hosts for the three days Simon & Sara , who I must thank for some fantastic prepared food .
Beef slow cooked in wine was superb , and the chicken cooked in a brick the next evening was also very nice .
of course when in France ,  endless supplies of red wine and the cheese board with some very tasty tangy cheeses .

Simon and Sara are keen Vintage Historic car racers , here is Simon in his 1930’s Riley .
and you can catch a video of Simon and Sara and Sara’s father Clifford , on you tube .

Riley oak ? rise and fall dining snooker table 7ft by 3ft 6 inch playing surface . LATEST UPDATE UPSTAIRS LOCATION !

Here we have an original Riley Rise and fall diner . 7ft size .
circa 1930s to 1950s .
Made in solid oak or bleached mahogany which looks to have been stripped back for a more lighter natural look .
The cloth is perfectly playable but does show signs of wear on nose of cushions and could do with a good iron to lay the wool nap back down .
I have been informed that this table is located upstairs , I did have a buyer lined up but I not know this , you must when making an offer ask the seller to get down stairs or base your bid on yourself employing people to get it downstairs for you and deduct that from a bid that you would have made if this table was on the ground floor . although heavy this table does not weigh as much as a single section of 5 off a full size snooker table , the dining table slate is only half an inch thick while a full size table is two inch thick and comes in 5 sections , this is a one piece slate bed table but only half an inch thick and 7ft by 3ft 6 inch ,you may with three people slide it downstairs using an old strip of carpet to protect the stairs and the table edge .
you may need a piano trolley like this to wheel it to a van on its side edge

The light oak and square fluted legs  would suit a more modern home as well as say a cottage with plenty of oak such as doors or skirting .
being a dining table it doubles both for dining and playing .

It is important for any 4 legged diner to have anti bow beams fitted , here you can see these beams  supporting the slate so as to discourage sagging in the middle .

the all important rise and fall lifting brackets are all in location , some may find the lifting to lower and the lifting to lock up hard to master , but it is a simple procedure
and these brackets require just a few drops of oil or grease to keep free and work with ease .
wipe any excess oil or grease away when doing this , badly maintained lifter brackets will result in sticking bracket slides .or one side free while the other sticks , most annoying .

another view of the very nice solid oak dining tops in 5 sections .

some of the accessorizes are included , but you will have to ask the seller which ones
I always recommend that any seller includes  the full kit to playing the game , after all you would not buy a car without a  steering wheel so why buy a snooker table without scoreboard
or balls .
so please find out what is included before committing to buy from this private  seller .

As you can see the cloth is a bit faded and shows ball wear on the face of the cushions but I have been assured there are no damage in the cloth and it is perfectly playable .
please also inquire from the seller that  the rubber cushions rebound with good value .
GCL billiards do not own any of the tables for sale in the for sale section , they are advertised as a direct sale from the seller , so you must ask the seller these questions .
If you require any information please email me after the 22nd of September 2017 as I am out of the country for this week .
I will put any one interested in the fine well made piece of furniture , directly in touch with the seller Emmi .
These 7ft Riley diner tables are sought after and can fetch anywhere between £650 to £1300 DEPENDING on rubber /cloth nets and leathers and polish condition .
In pristine fully renovated condition expect to pay around £2500 from a dealer for an oak 7ft version  .
This table seems to be in good moderate condition so I would say a figure between the two would be a fair price depending on what came with it of course and if those rubbers are in good order .
I base my valuations on Private sales not what a dealer would ask , so they are very  fair come and buy me prices based on what these tables exchange hands for on the private market .
A dealer may ask for much more but they normally are sat for many years before someone buys them .
You may decide on a re-cover so here area few prices so you know what it would cost to bring right up to A1 playing condition .
A re-cover in good quality Strachan napped cloth £325
a re-rubber using good quality 5/8th rubber £275
new nets and leathers fitted as same time as a re-cover around £100 per set again good quality type .
This table is worth at least £650 , but based on factors given may be worth around  £950 to £1150 that is my guideline for this table based on the photos .
Of course you will also have any removal and collection and delivery costs on top of this .
The table is based in Shalbourne Village in the SN8 are ,  not far from Andover . or the M4 .
all inquiries to GCL billiards by email please . please paste  this advert to any email when inquiring  , it makes life so much easier .


Off to France working all next week I will not be available . 18th to 22nd September 2017

I have a trip out to a village near Toulouse France and have a small job on Monday the 18th before I fly out on Tuesday the 19th September 2017.
I will not be back to answer emails or the phone calls until late Friday the 22nd of September 2017 .
Please do not try the mobile number as it will be out of use until I get back from France.

now and again a little trip to the continent is required , I do not take many of these job’s on .
they take much of my valuable time traveling rather than working on the stacking up back log of work here in the UK .
But Billiard fitters are very hard to find in France , and unless based over there any work is expensive .
I charge a day rate and that rate is based on the work I may miss out on here in the UK while working abroad and if Flights take up a days rates then I’m afraid i have to charge for the days flying too .
plus any expenses such as air flights insurance and taxi’s transfers from Nottingham to Birmingham or any UK Airport  .
plus accommodation and food .
This week I am flying from Birmingham to Toulouse in the south of France to do an insurance job on a water damaged table .
this is only one days work but it will take up three days with the traveling and flight times .

as you can see traveling to the south of France is a fair distance .
and one I would not do by car van or train today , mainly because of migrants damaging the van , but also the hassle of road tolls
As for Trains how long will it take to travel from Nottingham to  London then across to say Paris then onto the south of France .
and I have been asked to do this from one client , thankfully not this one .
Toulouse is right down in the lower mid left of France , not far from the border of Spain .
I do not like driving on the left anymore , I have done it many times in the past , but as you get older you find it more tiresome .
I may have another job in the south of France later this year or early next year .
It all depends on costings . and if I am too busy pulling the back log of work that is always coming in .
I have a couple of days left in November which will have to be local work then my next days is in December .

Ivanhoe Social club , Re-stretch bed cloths after 12 months use on snooker tables .

This past two days I have spent at the Ivanhoe social club in Ashby de la zouch .
I was asked to come back and re-stretch the 5 snooker tables that I re-covered last year .
and to attend to a set of leathers and use a few older leathers that where good on other tables and replace some nets .

cushions off then take out tacks to re-stretch the bed cloths

during the stretching , I use a line to guide me to keep the spots in center of table .
this keeps an even re-stretch and also helps with marking out for new Baulk line and D plus spots .

one thing I like to point out to anyone asking for these metal type ball rails .
when balls fall down on the ring they split the nets easy , this net was replaced only 12 months ago yet it has split open
there is a solution to stop this happening .

Plastic rails are much better for the nets , a ball falling down is not trapping and hitting the net against a hard metal edge so the nets last much longer .
and a reason why most Snooker clubs have these plastic rails fitted rather than the metal ones .
it costs around £55 to change a set of nets , if they wear out every year then that is an extra £55 per table .
3 of these 5 tables have these plastic rails it is not often that I need to change a net on these three tables yet the other two do have problems with the metal rails splitting nets .
I will be advising a new set of rails for the other two tables on the next re-cover .

Leathers though do take some hammer , and require more attention than nets .
this table above with new leathers  is the most used and I am always changing the leathers on this table more so than any of the other 4 tables in the club .
I have been putting some tape padding on the brass pocket plate under the leather to try and make them last a bit longer before splitting but it is just more use on this table than any other that wears them out quicker .
once a leather has split and the brass edge is showing they damage the balls , and with good balls starting at around £120 per set you do not want to have to have the extra cost of replacement of Balls every year .
Ivan who now looks after the tables and took over from Alan , is doing a very good job of keeping the tables clean , and reports of any leather or net wear so that it is taken care of at re-cover or re-stretch time and not left to damage balls .
In fact the Ivanhoe club has always looked after their tables , and is one of the top clubs that I visit that the tables are not covered in dust and the nap fluff balling up through lack of maintenance .
out of the hundreds of Clubs that I visit , and I rate the Ivanhoe in the top ten for looking after their tables , and the snooker players of Ashby and surrounding district would be troubled to find a better club or venue to play snooker .

all 5 tables re-stretched bed cloths and ready to play
Where would you find a social club with 5 tables like these to play on .
all Riley Imperial tables and  2 inch thick welsh slated tables with modern Aristocrat wood cushions .
and high comfy padded seating around the room ,and modern High frequency white lighting .
anyone interested in joining this club call 01530 412438 . it is based just behind the car wash on Wilfreds Place LE65 2GW
it is Ashby de la zouch’s best kept secret !