Back from holidays 400 emails and telephone full of messages .

We are very busy for the next 6 weeks pulling in all the work that has been booked in
I have some days left in August to fill in .
Never been so busy .

local work

every type and make of table booked in

including Butlins Skegness.

and the odd small table .

and some of my own rental stock to re-cover on the pool table side of the business .

the odd table relocated .

From Stately mansions

and even Grander Mansions

to the odd club house on Caravan Park .

we may be booked out for the next few weeks but we are worth waiting for as this table above shows
above the finished table
from this when I arrived below photo .

Business is closed for two weeks , back on 20th June 2017

We are closing for two weeks back the 20th of June for phone and emails to start coming in again
please do not email or phone message during the next two weeks no one will answer .
I am not taking my phone or lap top or tablet with me …..BLISS …..I NEED A BREAK !

enjoy the Elections Saga , I’m out of the country and already voted by post .