Special order Grey 6811 Tournament Strachan cloth on pool table recover in Leicester

I have been out to Glen Parva near Leicester yesterday
my clients where looking for a cloth that was more in keeping to their modern designed home furnishings .
Their choice of Cloth to be Grey , and I was able to source the higher quality Strachan 6811 tournament in Grey as a special order .
we only carry the main three colours of Green /Blue / and burgundy in stock , any other colour is a special order and postage to us is extra for this ,

I had previously called in and took the cushions back to our workshop for new rubber fitting and profiling .
so got straight into applying the glue to the slate bed  with contact adhesive around the outside edge only .
The burgundy red is the old cloth laid over the new Grey cloth to protect it from accidental glue spillage or over spreading of glue.

with our clients neutral colour scheme they wanted a neutral coloured cloth .

My clients are delighted with cloth choice and quality of the work carried out .

Butlins Skegness Lincolnshire , 4 full size snooker tables recovering by GCL billiards

Been over to Skegness in Lincolnshire to re-cover four full size snooker tables and also fit new nets and leathers and general check around the other tables for faults and rectify .

In this photo we have three tables side by side that have had the full works of Re-cover plus new nets and leathers on all pockets

Looking much better when they have new nets and leather fitted with a new cloth re-cover
the problem with old leather sis they split on the face side this then chips away at the balls hitting the unprotected brass pocket plate .

the other table that was due a re-cover was on the other side of the room .
Again a full set of new nets and leathers fitted .

a general check over of all the other tables ensured the coming season that all tables are in use and fully operational until the  next child or adult rips one or swing on the ball rails .
Butlins do keep a check on things though and do call me in on a regular basis over the year , we also do the Hot shots  american pool tables too .

American Titan 8ft pool table dismantle and move a few problems but sorted by GCL billiards .

I had a job the other week to dismantle and relocate an 8ft American Titan pool table .
the table had been put together in a very bad way , cloth was not fitted good and gaps around the pocket plates
I suspect the old owner had set his table up himself .
here area few Photo’s explaining what was wrong about the table on strip down .

Very badly fitted top cushion surround with gaps up to 3/8ths thick between surround and pocket plate .

Badly fitted bed cloth

so we dismantled the table right down to the base

Transported it to a our new owners Home
slates on top of sub frame level and joints filled in ready to sand as one unit of slate .

and yes I even managed to refit that badly fitted cloth but only just !

and got the plates to fit without gaps !

a very happy client at the end of the Day

Phoenix Club Eastwood Nottingham three full size snooker table’s recovering by GCL Billiards

Been a bit late posting some work on the web site due to me being too busy with hands on work and not enough time to sit down in front of a PC.
So here is job one that I did a three to four  of weeks ago .
The Phoenix Snooker Club in Eastwood Nottinghamshire ,  is a busy venue in the Nottingham Pool leagues and snooker .
now under the appointed manger of Ron Sharp who has some good experience in organizing Pool and snooker tournaments in the local area .
it was Steve the owner who booked me in for a return visit to this busy club .
My work this time around was to re-cover three full size Karnehm and Hillman tables upstairs and have a general check round for nets and leathers straps , and leveling of tables .
here area  few photo’s of the Snooker tables .

All the tables are Karnehm and Hillman manufacture circa 1980s

I had worked in the past on all of these tables bar this one , but I got it this time
I think because it is near the door it is the last one to be booked out .

all of the tables where re-covered in top quality Strachan 6811 tournament cloth 30 oz weight
The secret about this club is , it is very well known for it’s pool tournaments and has a huge following in that area
many county pool team matches are played in this club .
leaving the snooker tables ticking over upstairs in what I would describe as a quiet peaceful environment just the sort of room you would want to play snooker  , so if you are struggling finding a club where a table may be available for booking on ?

Give Ron and Steve a phone at the Phoenix club 0n 01773 760 459  plenty of car parking across the road  .

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Golf club in Derbyshire has table re-covered by GCL billiards

I have been over to Kedleston Golf club near Derby
This very upmarket Golf club is in the Grounds of Kedleston Hall
I once dismantled and moved a full size table in the main hall around 18 years ago and relocated it in North Yorkshire.
The General Manager of Kedleston ( Robert ) called me to arrange a re-cover and maybe new nets and leathers .
I arranged to carry out the improvements to the playing surface in February .

The table when I arrived looked like this , a re-cover around 6 years ago by another billiards firm who used some very poor none branded cloth
and some of the leathers had split and the brass pocket plate was showing through which was damaging the balls on impact .

pocket leathers look OK  from above and the rear , but it was the inside part where the ball makes contact that was wearing badly and splitting
and because Robert had mentioned the club where going to buy a new set of high standard balls , it was important to replace these leathers at least to protect those new balls from chipping on the exposed brass pocket plate .
a new set of nets where also recommended as it would look bad to have new cloth and new leathers yet have stained smoke nicotine stained nets from before the smoking ban still left on

the finished Snooker table , New Strachan 6811 Tournament branded cloth fitted , and looking good with new nets and leathers to compliment and show off that the table has had a thorough renovation of it’s playing surface .
I also checked and adjusted for level as part of the Service .

the very smart upmarket club house of Kedleston Golf club , one of the best Golf club house facilities that I have visited , and I do many Golf club snooker tables in my time

When I visited I was impressed that in the club house they had a TV on in the lounge area,  going through all the holes in simulated video .
here is Hole 18 as a demo .
unfortunately Kedleston Golf club is limited to 300 members and I was informed they are pretty much booked up , but you can get day guest tickets now and again , a very nice course with the back drop of Kedleston Hall .
a very good car park and club house facilities .

For sale full size Riley snooker table Satin black frame and cushions in Northampton . SOLD SOLD SOLD !



Table is now sold and could be on it’s way to Italy or Norfolk for storage .

Hi , we have a client who wishes to sell their full size snooker table
a Riley Imperial circa 1920s to 1960s square leg which has been renovated by the Billiards Barn I think he said .
the table has been finished in a satin Black polish to blend in with modern decors .
the table looks to have had some modern cushion replacements recently ?
please study the following photo’s

full size table with all accessories , including dust cover .

matching satin black polished scoreboard . as new condition

table has only had 15 months home use so the cloth is still in very good condition
the table is a Riley imperial model with chunky square legs and deep side and end frame between .
a very well made table when it left the factory , manufacture period is 1920s to 1960s for this model .

all new pockets nets leathers and rails fitted . hardly any use at all .

offers are invited fort his table , the seller is aware of the low prices full size snooker tables are fetching at the moment , it is a buyer’s market as we all know
but I think that the table is worth a bit more than a rough table , as it has been renovated in the past 15 months .
and would have been around £2000 to £2500 when new fitted with all accessories.

Renovated tables like this at low prices sell quickly , as there no extra cost having it renovated or re-covered , it is ready to go once delivered and installed .

if you would like a quote to have the table collected and installed then please contact Geoff at
for more details .

Geoff will be happy to guide you with a price to offer for the table .