Working away all week in Skegness at Butlins we will be away from the phones and emails all week .

Sorry to say but we are not available to contact this week
we do have regular work at Butlins in Skegness twice a year
and November is six american pool table renovation time
we will be back late Friday as we also have a full size snooker table to re-cover in chapel St leonards and an 8ft snooker table to install in Newark on the way back to Nottingham
we cannot be reached by phone due to the metal buildings we are working in , we have no phone signal .
same again for emails , we have no on line service available as it is shut down week at Butlins and we are off line .
Butlins hotshots artscape bud dec 2015
Last years cloth design at Bultins hot shots was purple Budweiser
Butlins skegness sign
we visit Butlins twice a year in November for the american pool tables and then again around February time for the snooker tables in the Green Baize club
Butlins Skegness

Chinese Scam firm useing GCL billiards trade name .

We have had an email that suggests that a firm is about to start trading in china useing domain .
I tend just to ignore replying to these firms that are only trying to sell me the trade name domain .
GCL billiards do not trade in China or with any importing of Chinese goods Direct therefore we have no use for a CN domain name
But a firm could register in China and fool people World wide into thinking they are part of GCL or which I hold both domains to .
I suspect to start selling low cost cues and other billiard or snooker equipment or even tables with GCL Billiards brand name on them .
so if you do any trading with it is not part of the UK firm GCL billiards .
which is Run by Geoff & Carol Large .
any other firm other than the proper useing GCL billiards as a trade name is a Scam so be warned .
GCL Billiards do not have their own brand or range of cues so if you see any they are not from us and where not supplied by GCL billiards UK .
but we may in the future bring out a range of cues , this is something I have been thinking about over the years but we are just too busy at the moment with maintaining our clients table’s which is the core of our business to bother with retailing cues and accessories .
as a UK firm we try and use as many UK made products as possible supplied by the UK registered firms of  Strachan branded cloth / Peradon  / and Hainsworth and Zuzo Happ .
there is some cross over in Chinese supplied parts but we try and look for other options before going down that route .
We are fully committed into supplying UK manufactured products and services made by UK workers putting money back into our own economy .
no cheap labour and no cheap goods .
K&H wedding van outside house rear view

jan 2011 rubber

strachan cloth transfer 6811t

peradon dust cover fitted type



For sale 8ft Snooker Table modern type ………… SOLD SOLD SOLD

Table is now SOLD and not available anymore


We have a client who wishes to sell their already professionally dismantled by GCL billiards and stored ready for collection 8ft snooker table
the table has a one piece section slate bed
the cushions are wood screwed on type .
it has 6 turned legs .
the table has a half decent half worn  cloth that has been removed and is in with the table parts .
and comes with balls and scoreboard .
The table is made in mahogany wood
and nice turned legs , with good nets leathers and ball rails
A full size scoreboard .
please ask Geoff at GCL billiards for more details .

On Holiday for next two weeks but things do not always go to plan !

We are due to start our Holiday tomorrow , but for the last two days we have had our , Eldest Daughter in Hospital
We do not know what is exactly wrong with her at the moment so our Holiday plans may yet be cancelled or put on hold for the time being .
so my head is a bit up in the air at the moment , I had to cancel and rearrange one job today the last one before our flight to Tenerife
I am off on holiday for two weeks so what ever the outcome of going on holiday or not .
no work will be done for the next two weeks .
Either due to going on holiday or looking after my own Daughter .
Some things are more important than work or Holidays .


Geoff Large

Dismantle 9ft Billiard table and store in the Cotswolds

This week I have been over to the Cotswold’s to dismantle a 9ft billiard table .
my instructions was to dismantle and store on site for an up and coming party celebration in that room , and at a later date to reinstall and maybe renovate the table with new rubber cloth and ball runner nets and rails .
this is a john Stevens table circa 1910
it has had  a modern set of Italian slates fitted at some time in the past and has a sage green cloth .
with bag nets .
from this end you may see that the half moon shape in the cushion has the original gold transfer of Stevens .
it has had a polished woodwork renovation at some time and they masked that area off to retain the transfer makers name .
Not a bad table but it has had some modifications , and the holes in the cushions are a bit hit and miss in alignment  to the new 1980’s slates , also the pockets are very tight and the rubber looks past its best , the limited edition sage green cloth is a cloth produced to look like it is aged from new .