We are away for holidays in November , no orders taken during this time , limited contact until 21st November

Sorry but we always take a two week break in November and we shall be closed for business from the 5th of November until Monday the 21st of November which is our start back date .
We are booked out for the REST of November and parts of December , only a few days are left and we have work pending for these from two multi table recover contracts , but just in case we do not fulfill that work schedule please get in touch for days in December , we may just have the odd one or two become vacant .
2016 has been a very busy year with many of the weeks being a 6 day week some even 7 day weeks .
so you can see why we are due a rest .
My daughter is part manning the telephone while we are away , but email is the best form of contact during these two Holiday weeks .
but please do not expect me to answer from my Holiday , I will get back in touch after the 21st of November .

Full size snooker table recover at Bunny in Nottinghamshire…very interesting building

I have been over to Bunny in Nottingham today to recover a full size E J Riley snooker table
I last visited this table around 1981 so it has been a long time since my return .
Bunny Mens Institute formed in 1909  is a small house like building built in the 18th century and is right on the entrance to the main church yard along side the almshouses .
outside or inside this is a very interesting old building the History you can read here

My van parked outside this very old 18th century building which is on the main road A60 between Nottingham and Loughborough
I was told today it used to be a school of some sort , a very small school at that !
Very interesting Brick and stone work
the made in their thousands E J Riley turned leg club table .
with slide in panels where manufactured from around 1905 to 1960’s , this table was purchased in 1909 and is in very good order considering it’s age .
Who would like some character like these old Oak beams in their home
This is what makes this room so special .
the finished table with members ready to start play .
I did have a go at trying to level the table but I found that the slates had dished slightly
this can only be rectified by adjustable centre beams being fitted or the slate re-floating true.
I have suggested the fitting of adjustable centre beams which they are considering .
But I did even out the roll in from both sides of the table to just a couple of inches at it’s worst point /
A lot of people do not understand that you cannot level bowed or dished slates , you can only level true slates to a true level
if the slates are warped or dished there is no way a jacking up of frame  and toe pieces placed under the legs for normal leveling will get this table level .

Full size Riley Aristocrat Tournament Snooker table set up and re-cover in Chilwell, Nottingham

This week I have been working local in chilwell Nottingham
my work involved setting up and re-cover of one Riley Tournament quality  match table Aristocrat
my client having bought this table from an advert on our web site .
The new cost of one of these tables from Riley today is whopping £14499.00p !

see here http://www.riley-snooker-international.com/site/view-table.php?category=1&table=4&section=overiew

my client paid considerably less for this table which apart from a few belt buckle scratches is in mint condition and as new and may i say a much better table than  a Star Chinese manufactured one .
the table has been leveled and is having it’s cushions re-covered in strachan 6811 tournament cloth
the slates have been filled and is setting hard ready for sanding in as one bed .

the slates have been lightly sanded and the table bed cloth is the next job on the list
the Strahcan Tournament 6811 30 oz grade ready to fit .
Bed cloth now fitted , Baulk line and D marked out and spotted then ironed , cushions are now the next job to fit .
all steel cushions are now on and ready to be aligned from the middle pockets outwards
These cushions are the type as used in all World Championships from the 1980’s onward’s .
The pocket openings  had been factory cut and measure 3.3/8ths at the fall , a very tight championship pocket as used by professionals .
once the steels have been set to correct pocket openings then the Wood frieze or capping as I call them can be fitted with the pocket plates nets and leathers
the corner pocket with capping fitted ready for play .
the table is now finished .
a set up of the balls and my client is ready for his first game , his son is turning up in 10 minutes time
this end cushions has a few scratches from belt buckle rash from previous owner , this will happen to a brand new table too , my client saved over £10.000 buying second hand but as you can see this table looks almost new .
you may notice that this room is a factory unit , the table is actually above my clients Work unit and will be his entertainment games room for the firms employees and Entertaining visiting clients .
plus his personal Man cave and family entertainment area,  as he lives just down the road .
along with this table there will be proper full size arcade Video game machines , a table tennis table , and a  brand new Supreme Prince 7×4 pool table that GCL billiards supplied and installed  .
The new Supreme prince 7×4 pool table along side it’s bigger brother the Riley Aristocrat Full size Snooker table .
I am on the look out for a Bar billiards table for my client too , this has to be one of the best equipped Games room / Man caves around it also has gym equipment and  it is double the size you are seeing as it is really two rooms in the roof space of this double factory unit .
the unit is fully Gas central heated and was very warm and thick insulated new roof also replacing old very thin insulated roof .
My client is plastering the far walls and putting a few barrier walls in the lower sections to separate the room a bit , a few pictures of sports themes are to go up yet and it will be a home from home .

RAF Digby …move full size snooker table from one room to another .

Today I have been over to RAF Digby in Lincolnshire
the work today was to dismantle and relocate to an adjoining room one full size snooker table .
The RAF to supply two extra men to help slide the slates on and off .
the frame having been dismantled and moved to it’s new area going through the rough leveling
this table was moved upstairs about 3 years ago by another firm who had made a right bodge job of it , the inner fame work was fouling the slates
and this resulted in the slate rocking on the center frame cross members
I slid the centre legs down and inserted a bit of packing to higher the side edges to take the fouling problem away
and now the slates rest on the side frames without interference from the inner frame cross members .
a simple fix that an experienced fitter would have worked out just on the frame set up .
all sorts of wood packing came out of the frame when the slates where slid off in an attempt to make the table level they had bodged it .
the slates back on the frame and the fine level finished , the slate joints are then given two coats of car body filler and sanded flush .
the cloth laid back on ready for tacking and stretching , this cloth is a none branded low quality cloth that the previous firm had fitted , today it was just a table move with no re-cover so it had to go back on .
the table in it’s new room level and ready for play

5 pool tables recovered for Wellingborough snooker club

We have just completed 5 pool table recover’s at coopers in Wellingborough .
they have 10 tables here and have decided to have 5 of them recovered in Strachan 6811 cloth
The cushions are stripped of EVERY staple and recovered
slate bed also stripped cleaned and recovered .
all 10 tables viewed from top end of room
the tables are finished and clients are now playing on them .

Karnehm and Hillman Buckingham full size snooker table for sale in Gerrards Cross Bucks just £250 Bargain

We have a client who wishes to sell their full size K&Hillman full size Buckingham model snooker table .
the table was built int he 1980s.90s .
these are good quality made tables built around that time and not to be compared to very badly made in their hundreds run of the mill 1980s tables .
if fact I recommend these tables as good modern table to purchase .
My client is looking for just £250 fort his well made table and is complete with a vast range of accessories .
please state Gerrads Cross K&hillman Buckingham when inquiring

Re-rubber and Re-cover full size snooker table in Burton on Trent Staffordshire

Once again we are asked back by this select club with two tables to renovate the playing surface of the 2nd table after just 3 months of renovating the 1st table .
This club is a 50 members only club having just two tables and positioned right in the centre of Burton on Trent .
Table 2 before the renovation of cushion rubber , new cloth and new nets and leathers .
cushions where stripped of cloth and rubber and new UK manufactured northern rubber is the cushion rubber of choice ,  the best Cushion  Rubber in the world for English type billiard tables .
not low cost Chinese imported rubber only the best for my clients , No come backs when useing this rubber it lasts a lot longer then the low cost imported rubber .
cushion stripped of old rubber ready for glueing .
rubber glued all 6 in one go on my glueing board
a bit dusty from cleaning the slates off , the table is ready to have it’s new bed cloth fitted .
the cloth of choice being Strachan 6811 tournament cloth 30 oz .
cloth ready to tack
Bed cloth fitted ironed and marked out and the start of fitting the steel block cushions back on
both the tables are fitted with Burroughs and watts steel block cushions .
but this table is a little older than the other table 1
the old normal cushions have been reused to make up the cushion frieze surrounds
you can just make out under the veneer they have fitted the shrunken bungs in the old cushion bolt holes  then covered over with veneer to hide , age and drying out has shrunk the bungs .
side cushions have 5 bolt holes , but the cushion fixings to the back of the steel cushion only have four so they had to make some alterations to the old cushions to make them fit the steel cushions
bungs fitted in old holes then re-drilled out to fit the steels is the way they went
these cushions are slightly longer than the other set of steel cushions on table one .
the other side of that cushion and you can plainly see the smaller bolt hole bung and the new hole further along .
These cushions would have had Billiard brass finger top plates fitted , they have also replaced the entire capping of these cushion to hide the fact that they had these finger plates on and replaced the pocket plates with normal hidden fixed bolt type.
Every table has it’s story and it is little things like this that I can read and explain to clients what work or modifications has been carried out to this pre circa 1895 Burroughs & watts tulip legged table to have the more modern Burroughs and watts patent steel cushions fitted around 1896 onward’s .
You can actually see the difference in capping depth when you look at both tables , table one has thicker wood capping depth and the pocket plates are set further back as they have used new cushion frieze on that 1896 made fluted legged table .
there is actually 1 inch more ball travel over the net from slate fall to hitting the leather of the pocket plate on table 1 to table 2 .
I was asked to try and get table 2 pockets the same as table 1 , I have achieved this at the fall but towards the back it is slightly tighter on table 2 due to different steel cushion lengths , and also centre pocket plate width , and because they used the old cushion surrounds of standard cushions to make this table up to Steel cushions in mid the 1890s .
Table 2 now finished new nets and leathers and new rubber and larger pocket openings .
and new bed and cushion cloth 6811 tournament Strachan all wool cloth .
and the table is now being played on after checking and slightly adjusting the level
I also checked table 1 too .
the balls where just put on in that order for a practice session that one member wanted to do , that is why the reds are all over the place and not around the normal Black and pink area.
I have instructed that both tables will be due a re-stretch of bed cloth around 12 months from fitting .
so I have arranged to visit next August / September 2017 to carry this work out .
I also noted that the cloth tack lining is a little worse for wear , so have also recommended we change the tack linings for new when we do the re-stretch .
they are the original tack linings from 1896 ! so they have lasted a few re-covers .

Re-Install full size snooker table after flooding , in Nottinghamshire

We have just completed the re-install of a full size Riley Aristocrat that we had put into store for a client while their flooded Snooker room was dried out .
The village of Gotham suffered from flash flooding during the summer and our clients Snooker room at the bottom of his garden was effected.
Steve's flooded back garden and snooker room .
Our clients insurance firm quickly sprung into action with pumps and drying out equipment
and we where instructed to dismantle the table and take it into storage .
the table was only effected by 1/2 inch of water so the three to four months it was in storage was enough to dry the bottom of the legs out without any damage to the wood work or polish .
otherwise it could have been a full replacement of table .
so on this visit we find that the room had been fully dried out and the fitting of new carpet and decoration also carried out .
above the frame being assembled .
the frame fully assembled and the leveling taking place with round toe pieces placed under each leg of different thicknesses  .
the slates have been placed back on , the final level and the slate joints blended in with car body filler .
the damp environment meant that once the old bed cloth had been taken off it would shrink during the process of storage
once shrunk it would not fit back onto the table , so our client instructed us to re-cover the table with new Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz cloth .
above the cloth being tacked onto the bed of the table to the under surround wood tack lining .
a close up of the very nice oak woodwork of this Riley Aristocrat .
not many oak ones around , most are made from mahogany .
the finished table ready for play .
looking more like it now Steve .
I love working on this table , and I use the photo’s of it regular when people ask to see what a Modern Riley oak Aristocrat looks like .