Three full sized snooker tables installed at Nottingham University’s new £40m sports centre .

We have been over to Nottingham University this week to re-install their old snooker tables that where located in the old Sports Centre
all three tables where stored at the University’s own storage depot , the old Central TV studios on Lenton lane .
I had arranged for the slates to be fork lifted upstairs during the build of the new sports Centre .
the slates where already in the room waiting for us , although they had been put where we where setting the tables up , a quick shift around with a pallet truck and we where ready to start building the frame’s .
and so we start to assemble the frame’s , the centre table was put exactly in the centre of the room  , then we divided the rest of the space for equal cue room between the other two frames the wall and the centre table
with all three sets of slates placed on the rough leveled framework .
as you can see perfect alignment looking down the edge of the slate
a photo from the other side , showing all three sets of slates have been aligned bang on .
after we had fine leveled the tables and surface filled the slate joints and sanded smooth
we fitted the bed cloths to all three tables and marked then out with Baulk line and D and spotted them .
Dust covers on to protect the new bed cloths
and we start to strip and re-cover the cushions with new Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz cloth
The first table completed , all new nets and leathers also fitted , and refit cushion and frame hooks .
all three tables are now completed sporting new nets and leathers , the Electricians are now in,  to start the connection and fitting of modern lighting above the table , I have warned them about standing on the tables , this can put the level out on the tables and also upset the slate joints .
when I left they where 100% level and the joints had blended in perfect . so any disturbance from now on and I will blame the electricians .
at the bottom of the room you can just make out the 8ft by 4ft by 2 inch insulation packing leaning against the left hand wall they are going to put over the table to protect the cloth while, they fit the lighting .
I fitted all new nets and leathers , there is nothing better to see when a table has been recovered in new cloth to see new nets and leathers fitted .
the old nets and leathers was beginning to show their age .
the main sports hall with partition down , two rows of seating will be available along the top concourse viewing area .
the main hall and the snooker room are double glazed sound proofed glass
as you can see around 3 inch thickness of double glazing soundproofs the room
here is a link to how it will all look
 a video is available on this link also .
an artists impression of how the finished building will look and it opens in October 2016
a computer programmed image of how the main hall will look
computer image of main foyer , note climber on climbing wall to right
a very futuristic building of which I am sure will give Nottingham University even more credibility for Student choice .
GCL billiards are proud to be associated with this project and thanks Russ for making sure that GCL billiards continue the upkeep of the three snooker tables going forward .

Pool Table recovering in Nottingham / Derby / Lincoln / Leicester / Stafford / Stoke / Chesterfield and for surrounding area’s use GCL Billiards

We are very busy in our local area’s of Nottingham to East coast to Stoke to Northampton and south Sheffield  area’s and anywhere in the diamond of that area .
our pool table recovering is second to none , we recover your table to a high standard and this includes giving the interior a thorough clean out with ball rails washed down .
cueball derby wash out rails
we have worked for many of the top county players who have their own table at home
supreme winner large room slate just finished close up
our main choice of tables and that of semi pro and pro players is the supreme winner 7×4 foot .
littleover sc vac out table pocket corner
we remove all inner dust by vacuum and also wash out the ball rails and the side flip out tray .
nothing worse than a table with broken leveling feet caused by players bouncing a table up to try and dislodge a sticking ball of a ball rail .
west end clean side ball tray
another side tray cleaned out of all dust and grime
west end dirty side bgall tray
they are like this when we get there , months of grime and sweaty dusty wax substance that a ball can stop on .
cornwall bob 6811 stamp
we use a variety of cloth or recommended  cloth is this grade of Strachan 6811 Tournament 30 oz grade , but we also do a 29 oz and a 28 oz 6811 pool version .
jezza checking and adjusting level
and we check and adjust the level when we are finished , we are no hit and run firm .
Towers white pearl winner finished
stapleford cue new pool area
cueball pool room busy
and we have many of the top club’s in or area as Clients and they all recommend GCL billiards as the firm to trust to carry out your pool table recover .
super league finished table best shot
here are a few private owned tables we have renovated for our clients starting with an old Super league above in Burgundy cloth
King billy finished table balls et up
a lyme grove table in Golden yellow
pool table 6ft superleague almost finished
another super league this time in Red
pool table kegworth riley 7ft almost finished
an omega table in Green
cricket finished from baulk
A super league traditional in blue
glue on slate derby finished table
DPT table in Burgundy
genesis finished all 6 from bottom end
have we not mentioned we are also specialists at working on Sam K steel 9ft pool tbales
huck riely 8ft finished marked for snooker
and a pair of 8ft riley pool tbales
if you require your pool tbale recovering , then contact Geoff at GCL Billiards fr a full professional job , we not only re-cover we improve your table too .
we also replace rubber and whole cushion sets if required ,
cricket new cushions
a new set of cushions replaced .
re-rubber of pool cushions to black rubber
an old set of cushions re-rubbered , the old hard red rubber has been carefully taken off  and much better Black rubber put on the old cushion block and shaped at ends to original shape of pockets , or altered to customers own size spec’s .
outside table superleague new cushions
a new set of super league cushions , yes we can still get brand new super league cushions .
supreme hucknall new cushions fitted old red rubber
another cushion replacement old red rubber has gone rock hard
nice new set of black rubber cushions ready to recover .
Northern rubbered Pool cushions
we can also offer the ultimate upgrade in rubber to Best Black UK made Northern rubber , just ask Geoff for a price .
we also stock low cost imported ball sets and higher quality Aramith ball sets and also table covers plus club or rack cues .
just ask for a price , Geoff will also bring a selection of these with him if asked for you to choose on site .
Store racking stock in
a few sets of spare balls sets and other items that we keep in stock for our recovering work .
spare cushions . spare ball runs , brush , cover , chalk , rack pool cues two sizes , pocket liners , rubber to name just a few .
if we have time we can order anything you require that is available through Peradons or Suzo trade suppliers .
have a look through Peradon’s trade list we can order anything you choose from this trade list and have it delivered to you or if time to us for delivery when we carry out your table recovering .

link to Peradon’s trade list brochure


Pool and snooker table recovering at Hunters Bar Grantham ….. and Remember Malcolm Hensby

This week we have been out to Hunters Bar which is a Pool & snooker Sports bar in Grantham to re-cover 7 UK pool tables , 4 american pool tables and one full size snooker table .
I have worked at this club under 4 different owners over the past 20 years or so .
The original owners where the Ambritas cousins who had Fish and chip shops in Grantham and in Mansfield area’s
Then Spot on group of snooker clubs took the business on and renamed it Spot On .
And Malcolm and Siobhan Hensby who made it more successful and a fun place to be seen in and may I say work in renamed it Hunters Bar .
And now the current owner is Tracie Morton who used to help run hunters Bar, first as a Bar Maid and then as manager when Malcolm’s Health  was an issue for him to carry on running the business .
Sadly Malcolm Hemsby passed away earlier this year and his last wishes was that Tracie took over as new owner of Hunters Bar .
So Tracie is carrying on running the bar just in the same format as Malcom and Siobhan had done the past 12 years but under Malcolm’s Guidance bought the business .
He could not have found a better person to take the business on .
Shiobhan who still lives in Grantham still pops in to the club now and again to see Tracie and the other staff .
photo of Malcolm Hensby and Tracie Morton .
Tracie plus two members of staff and Malcolm’s wife Shiobhan and daughter  Kathleen will be doing a sponsored Walk for the St Barnabas Hospice which cared for Malcolm during his illness
GCL billiards has made a contribution to this worthy cause to sponsor Tracie and the staff on September the 18th .

start of the week and we strip and recover five 7×4 Supreme winner pool tables on this first day .
cleaning out the insides too , and making sure the racking cloths are all good .
the large bar area at Hunters bar , they do bar snacks and meals and have a very large screen TV for live football .
chequers 6811 stamp pool
the two Strachan branded quality cloths fitted to the UK pool tables , three in super pro speed cloth and four in Strachan 6811 all wool napped cloth .
all of the Supreme  UK pool tables have now been refurbished with new cloths .
tomorrow we start the larger american Sam K steel pool tables , I will add photo’s as we progress with this work .
Four of these american pool tables to re-cover in Blue and burgundy coloured Super pro speed cloth .
At the end of the week I will end up in the upstairs room which has 3 snooker tables at present , but Tracie due to an upturn in Darts and inquires for Function room , may be altering the room’s use later on in the year .
I fully agree with this as Hunters Bar is more well known for Pool and darts , but Tracie will keep at least one full size snooker table .
There is another club in Grantham that is more well known for it’s snooker use , so a good balance between the clubs rather than compete with each other for the same type of clientele , so I think it is good idea to concentrate on what the club is more suited for .
This will open up more business to expand for League darts and tournaments in the upstairs room which has it’s own bar and toilets already up there .
one of the 9ft american Sam K steel tables strip down ready for new cloth
One problem you do get is people sitting on the side of a table , this forces the rubber off , and the cloth to come out of the plastic retaining slip
I have glued the rubber with contact adhesive , and the table is now back in use without sagging rubber .
do not be offended when a club owner or member of staff tell you off for sitting on a table as this is the result and you should know better there are plenty of seating around this club .
and they are playing them as soon as we are finished
GCL billiards also refurbished the cloth and fitted new Nets and leathers to one of the upstairs full size Enbild Snooker table .
cornwall bob 6811 stamp
we fitted top quality Strachan 6811 30oz Gold Tournament all wool napped cloth to the Full size snooker table
cricket new super pro cloth logo
and Strachan super pro in Blue and Burgundy  , we always recommend the Strachan branded cloth
I have been fitting Billiard cloth for over 40 years and Strachan is the market leader and the best in my opinion , not just for ease of fitting but for durability too .
Rear view of van Igor
GCL billiards for table maintenance and removals contact Geoff Large NBSA approved billiards fitter. or 07753466064
Home office answer phone 01159725355

Pool Table Recovering …GCL Billiards No 1 in this area

We are very busy due to the fact that we are well known in the East Midlands and Midlands Area.
Geoff at GCL billiards has been Recovering snooker and Pool Tables for over 40 years in the billiards industry
from mid 197os to 2016 , working for a local well known firm and now for the past 5 years under the GCL Billiards Banner.
Below is just scratching the surface of what we do and where we go .
hastings direct cloth glued
a 7ft table in Leicester for a well known insurance firm being recovered in Strachan 6811 cloth .
Arches slates to one side before
three rental tables in Coventry also with Strachan 6811 recover
chequers pool strip down
another local rental table this time in Beeston Nottingham and yet again our most popular choice of cloth Strachan 6811 .
super league finished table best shot
it is not just modern tables that we work on , this is an early  1980s Super League in Burgundy Strachan 777 cloth
King billy finished table balls et up
we also get some very curious colours , our client at this Nottingham pub required golden yellow an Hasinsworth smart cloth
jack daniels black cloth
a private house in Leicester ordered this special Jack Daniels logo cloth again Hainsworth smart cloth
very expensive to have a logo cloth fixed to your table .
Butlins hotshots artscape bud dec 2015
we also recover 9ft american pool tables , these are Brunswick Crown tables at Butlins skegness
with Budweiser logo with water droplet design on Strachan super pro speed cloth .
Coopers 5 tables finished pool
a large club in Wellingborough Northampton with 9 pool tables also have GCL billiards maintain their tables .
Stabbo march 2016 strip down 2
one of our very regular clients in Stapleford Nottingham with 4 tables
west end finished pool
small pub also in Stapleford having their Supreme Prince recovered .
Hunters Bar Dec 15th 2015 7 recovers on pool
I will be at this large club in Grantham next week recovering 7 uk 7ft pool tables , 4 american 9ft sam tables , and one or two full size snooker tables
Butlins team diner dec 2015
two tables for staff canteen Skegness
Towers slate beds recovered now
9 tables that I did last year in Mansfield for a pool competition .
probation finished
a probation hostel 7ft pool table
pool table kegworth riley 7ft almost finished
a table in Kegworth
coop north beds glued match 2
A Northampton snooker club
cueball pool hall busy
Well known Derby snooker club
Nottm tennis disabled set up ready
Nottingham tennis Center
Derby county Black pool table
to Derby county training ground playing staff table .
newark blue pool side level
A private house in Newark
Supreme 6ft school recover finished
Local School in long Eaton
Sandiacre winner finshed mk1
Sandiacre Nottingham
Mansfield home play pool finished
Mansfield a private house
Sam K steel assemble slates on level and filled
Installing Sam K steel 9ft american pool in Sheffield
cricket from ball return end finished
England Cricket Board Loughborough
ascot glueing new 6811 cloth on

Derby again , I get to do a few in this town for private homes .
Rear view of van Igor
you may see our van about
if you have a pool table that requires a re-cover or maybe new cushions , then contact Geoff at GCL billiards for a quote .
a photo of the table to c.large@btinternet with your post code is all I need to give a quote .

Re-rubber and re-cover of snooker tables and pool tables in Derby for Cueball club

Danny at the Cueball club in Derby asked me to come in this week to carry out various re-covering of snooker and pool tables plus one full size re-rubber .
this well known local Derby club is well attended and the cloth on some of the tables will require a re-cover well before the normal two year wear expected from these Hainsworth cloths .
over the past 4 years Danny has improved the tables exchanging over cushions for better manufactured ones , and fitting new cloths and also nets and leathers , plus now we are getting into having a table re-rubber  every now and again .
Running a club this size you have to keep to a strict code of table improvements on a regular annual basis
where some of the tables will last longer than others , the main first six to seven tables get excessive wear and tear , and it is these tables that you have to keep on top of , or you may lose clients to a rival club very quickly as snooker and pool players can be some of the most demanding of clients to provide for .
and with Snooker and pool leagues are in on various nights being played the players often call in to practice on other off nights to keep on top of their game .
so Danny makes sure that the tables are looking their best , with regular brushing and ironing and then the annual recovering and maintenance of which I am very happy that he chose GCL billiards to carry this work out .
this is table 8  , a match table for one of the teams playing out of the Cueball club Derby .
this table has had new Northern rubber fitted and a shade opening up of the corner pocket openings especially at the rear of the opening after the slate fall .
a shade over 3.5 inch at the fall , this pocket used to close to near on 3 inch at the rear where the leather of the pocket plate is
it is now opening out to 3.3/8ths to 3.5 inch approx .
this is table 9 , and a favorite table of Cueball manager Wayne ( nickname Storm ) again  a match table
having Hainsworth Match cloth fitted to the 2 inch slate bed  for speed with it’s very close shaved nap and thin cloth .
the cushions having Hainsworth Smart cloth fitted to them , this is because putting thin cloth on cushions is very bad for wear and tear ,the thin cloth will split easy that is why we use a slightly thicker but still a short nap in the smart cloth for cushions .
you may notice that the lighting at the cue ball is all modern high frequency white light tube fittings  , this makes for a brighter playing surface and less shadows of balls and under cushion shadow eliminated .
these are the next best things for lighting a snooker table up , they mimic the crucible lighting in Sheffield .
not all cloths are easy to fit , on these thin match cloths you have to use a G clamp around the center pockets .
on club cloths I can just fit without the G clamp , the G clamp protects the cloth from being ripped when stretching and makes for getting the wrinkles out much better around that very hard to fit center slate fall . .
cueball derby pool room
the very Bright pool room where I have also been working re-covering some of the 6 pool tables .
cueball pool room busy
this room gets very busy on match nights and also on none match nights .
looking for somewhere to play snooker or Pool in Derby with plenty of free parking the size of a football field !
Bar snacks selection of beer and wines and friendly atmosphere then visit
The Cue Ball club
Under roller World
Mansfield Road
DE21 4AW
Phone 01332 360924

Ex rental pool table sold , replacing with new stock on order . GCL billiards first choice for contract Pool table rentals .

Now and again my rental stock comes back in off site , it maybe a change of landlord or the takings do not cover the cost , but at the end of a contract they sometimes do come back into stock .
it is my policy to sell on tables that have come back in and replace with new stock , this way my rental stock is kept up to to latest spec tables that is being produced by Supreme
I first put this table out for rental in Nottingham in 2014 , it has come back in after this time and although it is in mint condition still
My policy of selling on and replacing with new stock is crucial to keeping GCL Billiards as first choice for Rental tables .
some times it can take up to 8 weeks to replace the tables as supreme have constant orders coming in all the time  , so we have constant orders going in as we expand our rental sites and stock
Railway inn sawley new supreme winner oak
I only had two oak tables out on rental most of our stock are Black pearl  , this one has now been sold to a local pub in Sawley near Long Eaton Nottingham Derby border  .
supreme factory 1
Supreme are running at full steam to produce more tables , but there is always a waiting list for tables as they cannot produce them fast enough
supreme 3 on van room for one more
these three went out to one rental site in Coventry  , I do not normally rent out over 15 miles from my base , but this site looks after the tables very well , and I must say our Rental arrangement does work well with this site which gets a re-cover every 6 months
arches tables without slates