Strachan 6811 Tournament Snooker cloth now available in 3 grades of weight for GCL Billiards Re-covering .

I have  just received my new price list for Strachan 6811 tournament snooker cloth

A new grade has been added ,  the new cloth is 29 oz grade and has been treated with spill guard , this cloth has just been introduced and is supposed to be faster than the 30 oz version and has stain resistant properties , although my experience of scotch guard is that it is not 100% stain proof . = faster version of 30 oz

our most popular weight is the 30 0z  as pictured below = the most used cloth in the industry , proven track record of speed  ball control on nice short nap and long life and all 100% wool cloth

old mill new cloth 6811 T

and there is a heavy weight version of 32 oz  =    longer lasting but will play slower than the other two grades again all 100% wool cloth no man made fibers.

Hulland ward 6811 embroidery

What ever cloth you require GCL billiards can supply and fit to customers preference , we always carry a stock of the 30 oz Strachan 6811 tournament so we are ready to recover , but other special weights are normally ordered and  into stock  for use within 24 to 48 hours during week days .
We are getting very popular and we would prefer if you booked your table re-cover well in advance of you requiring the work completed , as we can sometimes be fully booked out for 4 to 8 weeks in advance .


Five full size Snooker table re-covers at Ivanhoe club @ Ashby De-la-Zouch

I have this week started the re-covering of five full size Riley Imperial square legged tables
I have had repeat business with the Ivanhoe club for a few years now , they where my first club to have GCL billiards in to maintain the tables when I started the firm up 4.1/2 years ago .
they have stuck by me and I have a good working relationship with the club .
Ivanhoe august 2016 strip 2
Two of the five tables with cushions undone ready to strip down
ivanhoe august 2016 3
as you can see this is a very long L shaped room with high seating on the sides of the room for viewing of play .
ivanoe august old photo 2 tables
I was intrigued to find they had found an old photo of when they had just two tables installed in the club in 1965 , this was before they extended the room
these two tables where oak , the other tables put in after the extensions where mahogany .
two of the  windows in the back ground are now trophy cabinets , you can see them in the second photo down .
since this photo , Riley Services had in 1999 replaced all 5 sets of cushions with new modern type .
note also the old Gold Hartley engineering metal shades , these where endorsed by Joe Davies and had bulbs sideways to prevent the element dazzling players when they stooped over the table
when they had the other three tables in they upgraded to all new shades , and have recently got rid of these for the more modern white light High Frequency office lighting that modern players crave for ,as you can now see above the tables I am working on today .
ivanhoe mid pocket blue aug 2016 Ivanoe aug 2016 corner pocket green
Every time I visit I replace one set of pockets on one table and use the old nets or leather to patch up the others if one or two require replacing
I intend to fit a new set of nets and leathers to one table on re-clothing and the next set on re-stretching in 12 months time , that way a table will get a new set of nets and leathers every 5 years  on rotation .
using any good second hand ones coming off for other table nets or leathers that may have worn out .
these tables get re-covered every 24 months and a re-stretch half way through the cloths life to stretch the corner pocket runs away from the falls and thus making the life of the cloth last longer .
ivanhoe all tables top high aug2016
all five tables viewed from Entrance end of the room , I was asked to open up the pocket openings of the first table as it had extremely tight pockets and members often refused to use it
I made  a template from the second tables pocket angle  and transferred it to the first to make the pockets the same on both tables .
now you cannot keep the members off it !
Ivanoe aug 2016 all tables high bottom
and the view from the bottom end of the room with 4 tables completed .
I have just one more table to re-cover tomorrow which is the far right in this photo .
the original two tables put in in 1965 are the lighter oak framed tables in the center of the room
*** click on any photo to enlarge
ivanoe table aug 2016 fin 4
New Strachan pure new wool napped 6811 tournament 30 oz cloth  cloth complete with new replacement Nets and leathers on table 3

Re-cover and put right , 4 very bad previous re-covered tables , nailed in slips loose blocks slack cloths !

I was recommended to this club in Bloxwich Birmingham to sort their tables out
the club is just around the corner from St johns snooker club where I had re-covered two full size snooker tables and recently went back to re-stretch them after 12 months .
Keith who had got me in at St Johns had recommended me to the Bloxwich Memorial club which is just one street away .
this is what I found on strip down
Bloxwich mem nailed in slips
all four full size snooker tables had been bodged , the slips that retain the cloth in where too small and thin so they had nailed them in rather than make new thicker retaining slips
so with Keith helping me strip the cushions down and removing the nails which where every two inch in some cushions and 1.5 inch long
this took a huge amount of time to do and caused problems on one particular table as you will see
Bloxwich mem blocks coming off
the cushion block where the rebated shelf is for the rubber to sit on on this table was that badly effected by nailed in slips that the block was coming off the cushion
the bounce would then be reduced as the blocks are not solid against the cushion surround that is bolted to the slate bed .
above you can see daylight through the gap in the block , I re-screwed the block back onto the cushion and this rectified the problem
Bloxwich mem new slip fitted
all the 4 tables then where treated to a new thicker cloth retaining slip , this will hold the cloth in the cushion rebate slip slot tighter and without the need for nails to hold it in .
the piece of thin wood is called  a slip , because it is supposed to slip in and out on re-cover yet be tight enough to hold the cloth in
sometimes when you get people sitting on cushions this forces the rubber off the block and pulls the cloth out of the slip , and that is why you get irate Club owners shouting at people who sit on snooker table cushions .
as it is Costly to get a fitter back to sort this out . So do not sit on the cushions when taking shots or watching other people on the next table.
Bloxwich meme new nets and lethers fitted
I was also fitting new nets and leathers to all 4 tables , here you see a nice tight fitting leather and those newly re-covered cushions and bed cloth.
Bloxwich mem compacted chalk dust end slate
over time chalk dust will vibrate to any impact area such as spots or especially under the end cushions
here you see compacted slate and chalk dust which sits just under the end cushion , this causes a ramp for the ball to lift as it hits the cushion , causing ball jump off the end cushions
just take some sand paper and sand this away off the slate , this is a few years worth of compacted chalk dust on these tables , which where re-covered by a Local well known firm in the Birmingham area ,
they are well known for this bodge it and scarper work , they ripped this club off big time , the bed cloths where put on very slack with a tack every foot around the outside of the bed , I put them in every 4 inch and the cloth is put on tight if I was fitting it
these cloths where then re-stretched by this Cowboy outfit some 5 weeks later at extra cost , and they just removed two cushion off the side of each table and took around 10 tacks out pulled and tacked back fitted the two cushions back and then scarpered .
A fitter like myself could spot what they had done by the bolt holes in the bed cloth , being double down one side yet still aligned on the other ends and side .
so they ripped the club off on the re-cover bodged the slips by nailing in , put slack cloths on , then 5 weeks later ripped them off again by bodging the stretching of the bed cloths .
I came across another table two days after finishing these tables that had gone through the same process by the same firm and this had substandard cloth fitted to it !
.so this is not a one off 4 tables here and one other all in the same week in two premises
this is a common practice with Cowboys like this , they will not change their ways , they are in it for a quick Buck , they do want naming and shaming but legally I can only put well known local Birmingham firm you do the detective work to work out who it is .
Any way back onto the job in hand .
Bloxwich slate joints filled
End of slate sanded to remove those compacted chalk areas , the slate joints where all filled with car body filler then sanded as one bed to give a smoother transition from one slate to the next .
Bloxwich mem bed cloth going on
Bed cloth is now being fitted tightly
Bloxwich cloth transfer 6811
The Brand of cloth used for this job was Strachan pronounced Strawn
Tournament 6811 30 oz 100% pure new wool napped cloth , this will give durability and a medium paced table
you can fit thinner cloths or even thicker cloths , the thinner a cloth and shorter the nap the speed of the cloth is greater , but it will not last long
Thick cloths will last long but are very slow , this sits between the middle grade and the fast grade of cloths , there is also a 29 oz version that we use now and again if the club is not used much , but this club is used very often hence the 30 oz used .
Bloxwich meme table completed one
the first table completed looking splendid in it’s Strachan Tournament cloth with new nets and leathers fitted , a Burroughs and watts rigidus framed table , *note the middle legs being close together and  off set spacing , this is because the under slate bearers are right on the slate joints rather than twin or single central slate bearers on a standard table .
Bloxwich all tbales completed good
all four tables now completed and ready for the coming season , all have new cloth and new nets and leathers
the tables are vintage manufactured the first square legged table is a Riley , the second large turned legged table is an Orme & Sons , the last two tables are Burroughs and watts Rigidus framed tables , none had name plates on , but as a fitter who has been working on these types of tables for over 40 years you get to know the makes and models of Snooker tables .
the cushions have been sorted out with new cushion cloth slips fitted making future work very easy to do unless you let the cowboys back in !
The bed cloths are fitted tightly and should be ready for a re-stretch half way through the cloths life around 9 to 12 months time
I would like to thank Keith who helped me for the three days I was at the Bloxwich Memorial club and the committee for having the good foresight to get someone in who could rectify the faults they experienced with the Local Birmingham firm who fitted the cloths before .
Stick with Geoff at GCL billiards and you can rest in the knowledge that your tables will be maintained correctly .










VERY VERY BUSY 2 MONTHS AHEAD …fully booked just about

We have had a mad rush on bookings for snooker and Pool table re-covering
I can’t believe it is only 2 days away and August already where has summer gone ?
well in august we are fully booked out , every day and including working some Saturdays
I start off with a two day job re-rubber and re-cover , then over to Coventry for 3 of our rental site pool tables to re-cover , move a pool table for a private house to another house .
then two more of our own rental pool tables this time in Chilwell and Derby .
and that’s just week one .
Geoff Wales checking level
for the rest of August we have three very large jobs come in , one for a large club in Birmingham area  requiring at a least a week’s work on snooker table work on various tables , a weeks local work on club snooker tables and a bar billiards in Lincoln
bar billiards table

, another week of various small pool and snooker table  jobs before the last weeks work at another large snooker club that I have been doing for the past 4 years .
then September is here and another full month of work is almost in ,
Digital Camera 204
2 large snooker clubs and a set up of three full size tables for a local university and then re-cover them

add to this various private house work and pubs pool tables and we have just three days left in September to fill so be quick if you want them around the 2oth to 22nd .
hunters Bar
one of the Clubs booked in 4 x 9ft sam american pool and 7 Uk pool plus 1 or two snooker tables .
this club only just booked me in time and in fact the order came in today .
cueball pool hall busy
another local Derby Club , one of our clients snooker clubs plenty of UK pool and around 15 full size snooker tables .
a very busy club that was run down 4 years ago , our client has revived it into a thriving well used club .
and most tables require work on them including one re-rubber and cover new nets and leathers .
and around 5 uk pool tables to recover and bring the tables up to a good playing standard for the coming Winter leagues .
Nottingham uni sports hall
this University sports hall building was demolished 18 months ago 3 full size snooker tables taken into store
a new sports centre has been built and the 3 tables have to be put back up out of storage and re-covered in new cloth .
we have another job like this coming up for another sports centre that also went through the same process for a local council .

Panic Stations !
So I am hoping that the phone does not keep ringing for work to come in for the next two months as I do not have many days left to fit you in
2 days of October booked today , it could be that October will soon get booked out .
Please try and book 8 weeks in advance if possible , I know this cannot be the case all the time but we are really popular around the Club and pub circuit and our private work is also taking off , add to this our pub spool table rental  business and you can then see why we are always busy , I do not like turning work away but I just cannot add more days to a month .
we are worth waiting for .
Most of our very regular clients book us well in advance some up to 6 months or year advance to make sure they get us .
I am not asking people to stop phoning but to to be aware of the busy schedule we have booked in , we may be able to fit you in with a bit of juggling and doubling up at the end of a busy the day
we may get a cancellation  , this does not happen much though  or we may have an odd half day or finish a large job a day ahead of schedule due to working longer hours .
K&H wedding van outside house rear view
oll on November , I have a well earned Holiday in Teneriffe booked , then back to work for the pre Christmas Rush of work

Pool table new cloth re-covered in Leicester by GCL billiards

just been over to Leicester this morning to re-cover a torn pool table in a large insurance firm  call center .
the table was bought new only a few months ago , so it was a surprise to find that the cushions where actually second hand having been swooped over
between leaving supreme and the firm that supplied the table
why they do this I do not know as I will inform any client if I find something that should not be there like these old cushions
hastings direct left staples in
As you can see I was stripping a table that was supposed to be brand new and had burgundy cloth on
the staples underneath had been left in from a previous re-cover and that cloth was green as you can see remnants trapped under the old staples
I of course also stripped these staples out of the cushions
hastings cushions off to strip
cushions stripped of all staples leaning against the wall next to the chair and now to strip and fit the new bed cloth
hastings direct slate cloth off
cloth off , this slate has not been re-covered before so it was obvious that someone had took new cushions off a new table to sell
and had replaced them with secondhand ones and just covered them to match the new bed cloth
hastings direct cloth glued
the new bed cloth and the slate has had the external edges glued ready for attaching the cloth to the slate bed .
Hastings direct finished from badge end
the finished table complete with ball racking cloth to one end .
hastings direct date of slate
the slate carried the date it left the quarry works 24th June 2015 , this table was supplied brand new 4 months ago , it was only recovered because of this
hastings direct L tear
lets see how long it takes them to tear it again


Sorry NOW SOLD as of 14th august 2014 …took only 3 days to sell !
all from an advert on GCL billiards web site .


I knew this table would not be up for sale long at the price it was advertised
This table is now sold to a client in Nottinghamshire .
Both selling client and buying client are delighted to have resolved a quick sale .


original advert


We have an opportunity for one lucky person to acquire a Bargain .
This Riley Aristocrat is UK made and is currently the best table made for the UK and World Market and retails new at £12595 but they currently have them on sale at  £9.500 plus delivery and fitting
please see this link to new prices for these tables .
this table is in very good condition and is offered at £2995 plus dismantle and delivery and set up .
so a third of the price of a new table and by the looks of it , it is not far off new condition .

much better than the woodwork and slate of a Chinese made Star table
this UK made table has the professional Steel cushions which give a good responsive accurate bounce that professionals crave for
My client is only selling due to the room required for daughter play room / nursery , and is a very reluctant sale .
aristocrat full table clear of balls
The table is located on ground floor with easy access to parked van so no problems of stairs or steps to get up or down .
Aristocrat all accesories on table
the Aristocrat table comes complete with Iron & Brush , table cover , 3 sets of balls excellent top of the range Aramith tournament and includes a ball case too ,
all rests and cues .
Aristocrat accesories on table 2
as you can a see more than a full range of accessories
Aristocrat above photo
the cloth also looks to be in very good condition
Aristocrat leg
unmistakable Aristocrat design of turned fluted leg
Aristocrat ball in corner fall
the ball placed in the corner above the fall to gauge the opening , I would say these are around 3.5 inch at the fall .
you may note that there is only feint  ball tracking into the corners a sure sign that the table has not had much use and the cloth is still in very good condition so it will not require a re-cover .
but if you did a re-cover is around £400 to £670 depending on grade of cloth used
Aristocrat ball in middle fall
the middle opening and slate fall .
Aristocrat lighting
to be honest not my favorite lighting but it is included in with the sale price of this table .
Aristocrat end plate 2
MADE IN ENGLAND , not many can say that about Snooker tables these days most are produced from china .
Aristocrat under slate heaters
the table is fully equipped with under slate heating so that speed of ball across the bed and cushion rubber is kept to a premium in quality .
the table is located in North wales close to Colwyn bay area LL29 , I would advise an inspection and then you can see the quality of this superb UK manufactured table
As many people know snooker tables do not fetch a lot of money and I have seen tables given away or go for very little money , most around the £250 to £500 price range , WITH ONE EXCEPTION
and that is the Riley Aristocrat in as new conditions normally go for around £5000 , having been bought for just under £13000 new .
I have advised my client for a quick sale to offer it at £2995 , it would be an insult to offer any less .
this table would make an excellent match table for a club , or for the private Home , safe in the knowledge that you have bought a Quality product for little money
forget about Star tables being on TV and quoted as the best , it is well known around the fitting firms that the Riley Aristocrat is the best table manufactured in today’s world .
Do not miss this one , I doubt you would be able to pick one up int he same condition at such a low price .
Aristocrat score board
If anyone is interested in buying this table then contact Geoff by email
I will forward your details onto the owner and put you in touch with him .
If you require a quote for dismantle of this table and carefully wrapping loading and installing in your home then also contact Geoff at GCL Billiards
we are very reasonable on our price to relocate this table .

Pool Table rental re-cover time by GCL billiards

We are well known at GCL Billiards for our excellent to detail and craftsmanship of maintaining snooker and pool tables around the UK and beyond , what some do not know is that we also rent pool tables to the pub and club premises of Derby and Nottingham area’s.
We have around 20 pool tables located local around our base in Nottingham / Derby that we rent out which include full maintenance and re-covering of cloth on a regular basis .
we are aiming for around 40 tables local to use , we cannot manage anymore than this with our regular Snooker and pool table re-cover business running very busy at the moment , we try to blend the work of both venture’s together , this way we remain fully booked out most of the year , we just time our pool table rental re-covers to slot in on slack days or if busy on a Saturday .
you can have the option of one or two re-covers per year at £65 per month or £80 per month which works out at £15 per week or £18.50p per week over 52 weeks  . We do not charge Vat .
we only rent to good reliable properties mainly pubs and bars but also super market canteens and Hotels that sign up to an initial 12 month rental and in the case of two recovers then every 6 months after that .
This week we have had 5 of our tables come up for re-covering .
3 in Coventry that get re-covered every 6 months and the other two very local in Derby and Chilwell .
Arches slates to one side before
the three tables in Coventry being treated to a top class Strachan 6811 Re-cover .
chequers pool strip down
the pool table that is located in a local pub in chilwell also being treated to a Strachan 6811 cloth re-cover , this site also gets a re-cover every 6 months .
chequers 6811 stamp pool
we only use top quality cloth on all of our re-covering , branded Strachan cloths are the most popular and the most asked for is the 6811 grade .
players know this grade of cloth and it is the best selling cloth in thew world and is made from 100% pure new wool with a short medium length but fast pace of napped cloth at around 28oz. per Metre square.
we can also do the 30 oz tournament but we find this a little slower than the 28 oz .
chequers pool slate finished
almost finished , just got to mark out and iron and also clean the internal cabinet and rail runs plus ball eject system of all dust and grime .
sportsman bar derby pool strip down
another of our superb Supreme winner tables located in a sports bar in Derby , this room is in the basement for the pool team to have a quite area to play in
they have two pool teams playing out of this Bar in Derby and they are interested in having another table from us for the main bar area upstairs .
sportsmant bar super pro better photo
the sports bar in Derby always ask for Strachan super pro speed cloth
this is a napless cloth and woven from a mix of 70% wool and other man made fibers , it is very fast to play on
we do not get a lot of people ask us for speed cloth in fact in all of our 20 rental sites this is the only one .
But we aim to please so we get it in special just for this site.
sportsman pool finished coin side
the finished table in Strachan Super pro speed cloth , all cleaned out and leveled up as they do move it around when they have a function on
I also replaced a coin mech spring and supplied a new set of balls and cues plus chalk on this yearly re-cover .

Re-cover of three GCL billiards Rental tables in Coventry , play snooker or pool or listen to Live Bands at the Arches Venue

I have been over to the Arches snooker Venue in Coventry where we have three of our own stock rental pool tables that we re-cover every 6 months
The management used to have their own tables in the pool table area but decided to sell these and rent and to have all maintenance included in that rental , and for tax reasons this works out much better for them .
GCL billiards installed three brand new 7ft coin op Supreme Winner in Black ash two years ago , and we have been re-covering them every 6 months since .
I also bought an extra three brand new sets of cushions to cut down on re-cover time just for this venue when re-covering the tables  . we just exchange the cushions over and strip down when back in the workshop re-cover then box back up for next time in 6 months m this saves us a round 3 hours on site .
this is the only tables where we swap over cushions , on single table rentals we re-cover on site totally , we do not recommend that you exchange cushions on any tables unless you have specific new sets only being used for that tables as is the case with these three tables .
we often strip down other fitters work on clients own tables where they have swapped over the original cushions for very old falling apart and rubber going hard cushions which is not good for the owner or client if renting .
Arches slates to one side before
the three tables with slate to one side ready to strip the old cloth off the slate beds
Arches slate to one SIDE UNCOVERED
the slate beds now with the old cloth removed and cleaned ready for new cloth to be attached
arches cloth strachan 6811 stamp
we use the Strachan 6811 pool cloth for these pool tables , this cloth is 28 oz and faster than tournament yet is still 100% pure new wool the same as tournament cloth .
arches all slates recovered and marked out
all the bed cloths have now been fitted and baulk line marked out in white tippex , at the arches they use the D too so we have added these to the baulk line .
you may notice that this room has Black walls and ceiling , this is because this room is also dual function use .
They have Rock bands and tribute bands perform at weekends and on some odd week nights too
in fact tonight there is a band on and the tables where being moved to one side and covered over and sectioned off to protect them while the bands perform
arches stage
the large stage at one end of the room , at the other end we have a DJ desk and mixer sound control box
as soon as the band is finished the room cleaned those tables are back in use in double quick time around 10  minutes  a table to have back in position with lights above and level .
they have perfected this to a fine art , so if you are ever in Coventry and at a loose end , head off to the Arches Industrial Estate at Spon End , you cannot miss it , turn where the Nissan Garage is
you will find a yard to the right under the railway arches , at the far end is the Arches Venue for snooker Pool and Live Bands .
with bands such as Four fighters a tribute band for the Foo fighters and also Kirvana , Fred Zepplin , The Fab Beatles , Bon Giovi , and many more booked in this year .